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Sometimes creating a character is not enough. Role playing takes the game to another level by acting as if you are actually the character. There won't be official RP servers in Ashes of Creation[1], but since Intrepid Studios has a lot of RPers in it there will surely be RPers mixed among the different servers. RPMade Simple created a nice Beginners Guide for people who are interested in getting into role playing.

Items and interactions


  • Will be able to interact with other players through emotes, some interactive, where the other player needs to agree like participating in a hug.[2]


  • Will be able to sit in a chair, lay in a bed[3]
  • Will be able to decorate taverns and freeholds.[4]
  • Will be able to save decoration layouts.[5]


  • Will be able to sheath weapons[6]
  • Character sheet has the ability to equip a weapon for both hands plus a ranged weapon [7]
  • In regards to skill usage, it’ll automatically sheathe/unsheathe to swap between ranged and melee weapons regardless of what hand is your ‘main’ hand but your q ability will be your chosen 'main hand' weapon. [7]
  • Will be able to toggle helmet on/off[8]
  • Players will be able to choose the priority of appearance for Back and belt slots on what is displayed ie weapon/cape/shield and potion/pouch/scroll etc. [9]

Chat Features

  • There will be dice rolls. [10]
  • There will be Emoji [11]


  • Will be an in-game mechanic.
  • Ceremonies will be in the game but specifics not laid out yet.
  • Likely be in a church or house, be RP orientated.


Cosmetic items will be used to change the appearance of normally slotted items [13]

  • Intrepid intends to have an in depth in game symbol editor. [14]
  • Costumes are not considered gear.[15]

Aquiring Cosmetics

  • Acheivements
  • Cash shop
  • Kickstarter Packages
  • Weekly Drawings[16]

Types of Cosmetics

  • Hairstyles, tattoos, scars
  • Race emoji packs, class emoji packs?
  • Just additional flair.
  • Wide array of character customisation
  • Eye colour, skin colour, hair colour, stuff like that.[17]
  • Caravan Skins[18]
  • Dyes
  • Custom Items[19]
  • May be an Instrument cosmetic to change what music plays [20]


  • Portions of the asset that Intrepid wants to be adjustable are tagged. When that tag is present the dye affects only the tagged meshes. [21]
  • Dyes will likely be accessible behind achievements/crafting walls. And will be available in cosmetic shop [22]
  • Dyes are normally one time use.[23]
  • Cash Shop cosmetics will be dyeable, unless there is a specific lore reason. [21]
  • The Kickstarter Dye Set:[23]
    • Is assigned to a character from your account management page.
    • Not usable as normal dyes are. Instead you may use these dyes to override the color of another dye obtained in game.
    • They do not expire, so you may continually override dye colors through the lifetime of your character.
    • Once a dye has been overridden it becomes a bound dye to your character, so the colors cannot be sold for in-game benefit.
    • When a item is sold or transferred color changes are reverted.


  • Different kinds of "skins" to add specific flavor to things [24][25]
  • The colors on the racial skins can be customized[26]
  • Special effect skins will apply to the skill regardless of it’s augment [27]

Skin Gallery

Parlor Games[28]

  • Parlor games can only be played in a tavern.
  • Must be played between 2 or more people.
  • The tavern will take a cut of the game.
  • These parlor games will have a variety of types, depending on the racial influences of the node.
    • Some involving dice, others cards and some less savory.
  • Players will be able to wager in-game currency against other players.
  • These games will involve aspects of both chance and skill.
  • Dice and Card games [29]

Community RP Sites

Unofficial AoC RP Home


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