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Alpha-2 character sheet work-in-progress UI.[1]

We wanted to create something that would handle a couple of different roles, with obviously your equipment slots for what we call a "paper doll", which is that display of your character. Eventually it won't just be a image of your character, we hope to have the 3D character and be able to rotate around, look at what you're wearing. And then we wanted to support a couple of different features here, with some base stats; the equipment, which will show what equipment you have available to quick swap, so you don't have to have your inventory and the screen open; detailed stats for those people who want to get into all of the details; and then of course gear sets. So this is going to be able to swap to your sets of gear quickly; and being able to save different loadouts.[1]Colby Marchi

There are multiple gear slots in Ashes of Creation.[1]

  • Artisan gear may be able to be equipped in an "undergarment" slot that can be toggled between adventuring gear and artisan gear.[2]

Items on back and belt

Backpack sockets (slots).[4]

The idea is to kind of move away from the mundane kind of application of belts in previous MMOs where they don't really have a lot of character so to speak. But in reality you know as an adventurer you come with a lot of tools and things that you have to use out in the wild in order to achieve what you're trying to achieve. So we wanted to kind of represent that on your character and give you something that can actually be tangible for your character and see there. I think it adds a lot of character and flavor to your identity.[5]Steven Sharif

Mage character with material components for spell casting attached to its belt.[6]

This belt has like my material components for spell casting so I definitely feel like I'm a witch right now.[6]Steven Sharif

Items attached to a character's back or belt represent items they are in possession of. Players can set the appearance priority for the items they wish to show.[7][8][9] Only one item can show at a time, and that is determined by player choice.[10]

  • Some ranged or melee abilities require a specific weapon to be equipped. Weapons that are equipped in the character's ranged or offhand slots will be automatically swapped in and out as required by the skill.[11][12][13]
A big component of the MMORPG that - half of that you know acronym is RPG role-playing game. And in order to role-play you need to be able to represent kind of what your character is doing in that world and you know part of what animation is doing is creating these sockets on the let's say the belt or the back that you know can plug in certain types of props or items that are created by the character team, like Carson, you know might be a scroll tube, it might be a potion, it might be whatever: Those players will have the ability as we've discussed in the past will have the ability to select what they want to be represented in those sockets and then animation will make sure that jibe well in movement.[4]Steven Sharif

Back slots include.[10]

Belt (hip) slots include.[7][10]

There'll be a priority system behind that that'll determine... do I show the Bow if the Greatsword is unequipped or do I show the Polearm if the Greatsword is unequipped.[9]Jeffrey Bard

Ranged weapons

Pre-alpha Ranger bow modeled by Jon Arellano and concepted by Jeff Delierre.

A character may equip up to two hand weapons and also wear a ranged weapon on their back.[12][13][10]

  • Characters performing ranged abilities will switch to the ranged weapon, then can switch back to the melee weapon and shield or two-handed melee weapon.[12][13]
  • There will be a setting to determine if the ranged weapon or main/offhand selection is your primary weapon to use for Q or left-mouse-button basic attacks.[12][13]
Let's say you use Power shot: You click Power shot, you quickly switch over to the ranged weapon, execute the skill, and you're back to your primary focus, which is the the sword and shield; and then for weapon attacks like your Q or your left mouse button, you would have the option to to set which is your focus, the ranged weapon, or the main offhand selection and you can swap back and forth between that as you want.[12]Steven Sharif

Rangers are going to have a minimum distance requirement where they are eligible to use their ranged weapons.[14]

While melee characters have a max distance proximity where they're eligible to use their sword and melee weapons, Rangers are going to have a minimum distance requirement.[14]Steven Sharif

Melee weapons

Low-level shield, one-handed mace, and two-handed staff 3D renders from Alpha-2.[16]

You can see by the quality of these types of weapons: these are relatively lower level. These are some of the earliest types of weapons and or gear that you can acquire within Ashes of Creation.[16]Steven Sharif

Melee weapons have a maximum range of effect.[14]

  • There are two melee weapon slots: One on each side of a character's belt.[10]

Dual wielding

Dual wielding will be permitted for selected one handed weapons.[18][19]

  • Dual weapons are treated as single items that when equipped will occupy both main and off-hand gear slots.[18]
  • There is a limited selection of weapons that can be dual wielded.[18]
  • Shields cannot be dual wielded.[20][19]
  • Great swords probably can't be dual wielded.[21]
Q: How will animations work while dual wielding weapons of A) a different type, for example an axe and a dagger; or B) different weapon speeds?
A: Dual weapons will have their own animation sets; and... there will be a limited selection of which weapons can be dual weapons. Players will make that selection. They'll create those dual weapons as as bespoke single items that when equipped will occupy both the main and offhand; and then how we handle the attack speeds is we offer animations at a particular speed and then we adjust that with a modifier based on whatever is influencing that: either increase or slow down in speed.[18]Steven Sharif

Weapon swapping

Weapon swapping (between equipment slots) is possible while in combat.[23][11][12][13]

  • Swapping weapons (from inventory) into a hand or range slot is not possible in combat.[23]
    • Previously this was said to be subject to a cooldown period (in the range of a few seconds) following any damage taken or done by the player.[24][25]
You can always hot weapon swap even in combat, but you can't swap your armor and gear. Nothing that's in a hand or range slot if you're in combat.[23]Steven Sharif

Players cannot swap armor while in combat.[23][24][26]

Gear sets

Equipping the Titanbark gear set in Alpha-2.[27]

We're going relatively traditional in the gear access points by being driven by level tier that players will have access to. So as you advance in your adventuring class you will begin to unlock the ability to equip gear of a higher level.[28]Steven Sharif

Empyrean tier 2 (level 20) early Alpha-1 leather armor non-cosmetic set 3D renders.[29]

Gear sets (also known as tier sets) are a part of Ashes of Creation.[28][30]

  • Different tiers of gear are accessible based on a character's level.[28][30]
  • Players gain bonuses depending on the number of pieces of the set they have equipped.[28][30]
    • An overarching set effect is granted to wearers of exclusively one type of armor, for example: all cloth, or all plate.[31]
    • Certain set bonuses may trade off core gear stats.[32]
    • There may be set bonuses that members of certain communities will obtain based on gear set type.[30]
  • There are passive abilities that can be chosen to become more adept with certain set types.[30]
  • There will be viable non-set builds.[32]
  • Racial appearance of gear sets is tied to the character model of that race.[33]
  • It may be possible to store and swap gear sets with a single button press when out of combat.[34]

Approximately 49 unique gear sets are obtainable in Alpha-1 from crafting, quests, drops and exploration.[35]


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