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Alpha-2 Ranger Camouflage skill.[1]

Technically what the Ranger has is not true stealth. It's called camouflage; and camouflage works a bit differently. At a distance you will see a slight... shader effect on the character, where you'll be able to see predator-style where they are. The closer they get, that will become more apparent. If they get too close, you'll be able to see them at any distance. You can click to target them and there are some additional abilities that can counter that, such as the Mage has an Arcane eye ability, which reveals stealth or camouflage characters within a distance. So it's not like a Rogue's true stealth, where they can be at stealth within a very close proximity to characters and still not be detected. The ranger has to be at a distance from a character in order to be stealthed.[2]Steven Sharif

Camoflague Icon.png

Alpha-2 Ranger skill:

  • Cooldown: 1s.[3]
Base skill
You become harder to see and cannot be directly targeted. The further you are from an enemy, the more difficult you are to spot. Any outgoing combat actions cancel this effect, as well as incoming damage or other negative effects.[3]


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