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Notes [1]


  • Testing 123 new stream setup of just steven!
  • Alpha 0 new login page showing.
  • Standby (calling Jeffery for help)
  • [10:12]
  • Released the class list. On our blog
  • We can hear you Jeff!


  1. Alpha 0 Gameplay
    1. 14:54
    2. First i’d like to preface this, by letting all of you know that this is the first ever test of Ashes of creation outside of the Pax Demo, this is the alpha zero friends and family, and i’m not sure how many of you are familiar with game development and truly what the term friends and family means and as a community i feel we have come accustomed to this kinda eastern tradition of a a game to come out for 1 2 3 years full launch, and then the north american markets we receive what’s called “an alpha” that is a launched game that is going through the localization process.
    3. So we have come accustomed to that term alpha, many of us that might not have played back in the day some western developed MMORPG’s don’t understand what an alpha necessarily is. So i want you to understand that this alpha 0 this friends and family is really a very important technical test for us, we are opening up a game server and allowing the outside the public come to our game server, we are testing the zone, we are testing the networking conditions that we have built, that our amazing engineers built to host 100+ players in a single area, Ashes of creation is an open world. But those zones connect with different handshakes to each other to create this seamless open world environment. This one zone albeit a large zone the world of ashes of creation is going to be a very large world this is what we want
    4. What we really want is to get people into the server and see a hundred people running around together see that frame rate see that sub core system such as the nodes in the area which is a very integral part and it doesn't heard me discuss too many times but the node system is so integral to the way the ashes of creation is intended to work that we wanted to make sure it's collecting experience from players that we get these monsters set up that we get equipment set up this is a first pass on our assets on equipment on animations on UI on combat so the intent of this alpha 0 and I cannot express this enough the intent of this alpha 0, this friends and family is not to present a finished product is not to present anywhere near finished product with regards to content, art, animation, that kind of stuff instead it's to give us very needed technical feedback so that when we move through these Alpha and beta phases that we are hosting a well-performing game at that can host this massive multiplayer stuff so
    5. Jeff- Yeah we are planning to get a whole lot of data from this and we are pretty excited to get it all.
  2. Install screen up
  3. Already installed another patcher up
    1. Creation screen
    2. Steven, Kaelar, Mage,
  4. Loading in
    1. As you can see there is no loading screen assigned yet.
  5. First image is.. Entrance zone
    1. Currently have Voip in game
    2. All wearing plate, asking if robes are working
  6. So what’s going on…
    1. Introduced by elves or humans, each get there own story
    2. There are 3 nodes , it will be a race to see who wins.
    3. You notice in the upper left hand corner we have the grid Coordinates
    4. Quest journal
    5. Remember this UI is for testing only.. A Lot of systems we need to put in place
  7. Tell us a little about the process of leveling and skill points
    1. As you gain experience you gain levels and you’ll get skill points.
    2. 3 tiers of abilities all going up to level 10
  8. Will AoC have action combat as well or just tab targeting?
    1. 34:15
    2. So the really good thing about ashes of creation is that our skill progression system includes elements of both action targeting as well as tab targeting so it's really customizable l by the player based on their preference
  9. Charge bolt is a channel ability that uses Focus which means it requires you to use your combo ability or weapon skill ability in order to charge the focus energy and then you can utilize Focus skills but the charge bolts should probably have a longer channel.
  10. Why does movement look too glidy
    1. 35:50
    2. That would be because it's the first pass on animations so remember that when watching friends and family
    3. We are still adjusting character movement and stuff like that so that is something that will get tightened up as we move forward
  11. Are you able to use mouse from movement.
    1. Yes you are able to use mouse for movement , you can hold both keys down and run around, i’m using it right now.
  12. This is a really nice forest, Size is 4x4 km a lot of things to see
  13. As we are killing things around us and gaining experience a node nearby is also collecting that experience.
  14. what is your favorite part about this platform?
    1. 39:25
    2. Unreal is makes it really really fast to iterate and make stuff. I’ve used alot of proprietary engines in the past. Compared to those I can do something in an hour that might take him to 8 hours to do in another engine so Unreal has a lot of power underneath the hood for designers at least. And allows us to do some really cool things that without having to necessarily involve code you can focus on the bigger more important problems than what design has to deal with on a day-to-day basis .
  15. But this is exactly what we're going to do is to test these things figure out exactly where the holes in our systems are make things better I'd say it's really important to us to have a really good first launch when we get to you know when we get to our actual real live launch and doing these kinds of tests really helps us to get to that position to really bang on our systems make sure our logon servers work great make sure that when steven resurrects that he doesn’t crash out of the game. Well to be fair the reason probably why the game Crashed was because you murdered a sandal God and it couldn’t handle that.
  16. Are we gonna have some kind of dash/dodge ability?
    1. 57:35
    2. Yes currently in Alpha 0 some dashing and dodging abilities.


What about EU testing phase? same as NA?

  1. 58:27
  2. We have multiple testing phases, and some of them will have appropriate EU testing times and also some phases in the future will have some EU hosting friendly areas.

Is there a level cap?

  1. 58:50
  2. In the friends and family testing Alpha zero the levels go to 10 for 4 of the base classes but our intent is to lunch with around level 50 as a cap for Alpha One

How are you all feeling from that 24 livestream we had ?

  1. 59:21
  2. Everybody is feeling great we actually had Rady's Children Hospital coming to the studio and chat with everybody and really was an awesome event that the community came together for and raised over $16,000 for a great cause and it just speaks to how awesome this community already is in its development phase

Are you considering wands? And a large variety of weapons?

  1. 59:50
  2. Yes we are considering wands. We do have a large variety of weapons.

Tell us how much you love summoners.

  1. 1:00:07
  2. I love all classes equally they are all my children

We've heard little to nothing about the Fighter archetype. How do you plan to make the Fighter an interesting and compelling archetype, and with what differences (if any) will there be from the traditional 'warrior' class from other games (besides not being a tank)?

  1. 1:00:40
  2. One great thing about the fighter archetype is that it's going to include a lot of closing the Gap mechanics so it really is going to utilize maneuverability the ability to kind of Traverse distances on the battlefield quickly so that his position is important and that's something that I think is is really inherent in a fighter being able to do that The reason why is because we're still very early in development and we are in the first family and friends testing phase and we're focusing right now on these four base classes as a means of testing are our technical aspects of the game but we already have a white paper development on the other 4 base classes as well as many of the sub classes

Concept art.

  1. 1:01:50
  2. The building is a vek concept architecture.
  3. 64 Class list
  4. Empyrean Concept Buildings

Will Crafting/Harvesting be in Alpha Zero?

  1. 1:02:25
  2. The answer to that is no. We wanted to try and get those systems in but wasn't working out so

What happened to the QTE combo system?

  1. 01:02:50
  2. We have a version of it in the game right now but it's very different from what you saw at PAX This is kinda like iteration .1 we're going to be going through a lot of different sort of play tests of that of that particular system until we get it right. You’ll see a version of it in this that is different from the one in PAX.
  3. And again I cannot stress this enough this is a very very early stage of our development with regards to testing and you're not going to see things like a completed UI completed animations and art assets and those types of thingsThose types of things right now we're building a base technical side of things were getting a lot of information but we're going to be in this weekend with that aspect and you will start to see things like art animation content questing functionality a lot of that stuff is going to come up in the Alpha One which is scheduled for 2018 and we are on time for that.

What will you get if you knock down a caravan Robin hood style?

  1. 1:04:27
  2. That totally depends on what’s in the caravan. Caravans are generally going to be player run things. So you’ll get some portion of what those players put into their caravan. The server will take some of it, but you’ll get the rest.

Will races be edible to other races? As an Orc could I eat some Tulnar Steaks?

  1. 1:06:54
  2. it’s rhetorical I’m not going to answer that

Will there be an option for an ingame minimap?

  1. 1:09:36
  2. Yes that is something that we will have probably closer to know whatever actual Alphas minimap is a complex thing that really wasn't in the cards for this we are really more focused on our core systems right now

Corruption mechanics already in A0??

  1. 01:10:05
  2. Corruption mechanics are not in A0 We actually aren't going to focus on pvp for A0 although pvp may show up at some point that will probably come more closer to Alpha one

Jeff, in your professional opinion, does Steve have any idea which Direction "East" is?

  1. 01:10:20
  2. I think we have evidence that he does not.
  3. TBF it shouldn’t be east now is should be west or south west.

how long are these mob leashes??

  1. 01:11:49
  2. Agro does eventually drop there is a leash range eventually

Explain a little bit about how culture influences node development?

  1. 01:12:00
  2. yeah so it's basically is kind of a race between races Whoever’s contributes the most Experience Is going to be what the node is aspect it is in what it pop so it's if elves contribute the most to an experience that will be flavored in an elvish style. And the sub races. So an empyrean node will look different from a pyrian node same for Kaelar and Vaelune So each node should feel different , where it pops , when it pops who pops it.

this is lvl 2 node??

  1. 01:12:56
  2. This is a level 3 a village, That’s the highest you are going to see in this alpha 0

Uhm... so, is there a way to alter a node's racial creation after its made or do you have to wait until it reaches Metropolis??

  1. 01:13
  2. Yes right now I think I just may change a lot of the stuff is in flux. it's going to depend on how people actually experience it what's fun and what's not but basically every stage of a node that race continues to happen. so if it's human at 2 but elves contribute the most to getting to level 3 then it will pop is a level 3 elf node

Instanced dungeon??

  1. 01:14:34
  2. The dungeons are not instanced, again we are more focused on the open world experience so you are not going to see the instanced dungeons for probably a little while

What kind of restrictions do you have for using untypical weapons for your class.?

  1. 01:16:37
  2. There aren't actually any restrictions there are certainly builds well the goal is to have builds that kind of Justified in using any weapon or kind of tailoring weapons to match your playstyle so it's more 1 more dial on your character that you can play with

Shame you can't fish yet

  1. 01:17:46
  2. Fishing is a little bit further down in our testing phase, than our first testing phase.

will fall damage be a thing later on @ashesofcreation ??

  1. 01:21:49
  2. Yes , Fall damage will be a thing later on.

Ok Jeff explain just how much time have the studios have taken to prep for this?

  1. 01:26:50
  2. Since pax since the day after we got back we started working on this build, this is about 10x the concept that was in PAX and we did it with one extra month pax took 2 months this took 3 months..
  3. Technically I think when we when we pulled out the production sheet we had 68 production days right which is about 20 working days a month.
  4. Yeah so we have a full world to play with now which is really cool and the architecture to back it up which means that stuff will continue to come faster and faster as we move along and as these systems get solidified

Everything has 100 health, will it be like that in the future of A0??

  1. 01:29:50
  2. It's actually a percentage so it's right now just showing percentage amount So if you see it with 21, it means it has 21 percent of it’s health.

We haven't seen chat. Can you chat right now? Or only VoIP??

  1. 01:30:33
  2. You can chat, hold on (opens up chat window)

Steven says: Josh is bringing a good point so even an alpha 0 we have the spawn tables that adjust based on node development so different monsters on different levels of the monster spawn making areas of relevant even as you progress once those nodes Advance those areas become important

  1. 01:33:10
  2. It’s a giant face.

Will you be able to simply backpedal kite or are there gonna be limitations/punishments for backpedaling like slower movement or risk of tripping or whatever ?

  1. 01:35:40
  2. Backpedaling is slower, and strafing is also a bit slower

Even with this one zone the world feels large...can't imagine what it will feel like at launch?

  1. 1:39:30
  2. I can’t imagine either, i think it will be pretty unbelievable, pretty amazing.

We need longer than 3 hours to test all this!!!

  1. 01:40:42
  2. True but that's why we have so many different testing sessions


  1. We hope you enjoyed this event.
  2. This is the first of many tests to come.



All of the flora, fauna (creatures), structures, sounds, and weather define the environment players will explore.