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Caravan initiation in Ashes of Creation may refer to:

Personal caravan initiation

Deploying a personal caravan in Alpha-2.[9]

It's important for me to find a place that's relatively obscure so as not to attract any unwanted eyes.[9]Steven Sharif

Personal caravans prepared and launched at caravan master NPCs located at caravansary service buildings that are present at Village (stage 3) or higher nodes.[10][1][2][3]

When you want to launch a caravan you have must first have a caravan that's constructed at the caravansary.[2]Steven Sharif
  • Once a caravan is constructed it will be hosted at that caravansary. Players will be able to select from a list of available caravans via a UI screen, which will show the available storage compartments for each caravan.[10][2]
  • All types of cargo can be shipped in caravans. The only constraint is available size (in the Tetris inventory system).[12]
  • Once a caravan is constructed and loaded with cargo, it is in a launch-ready state and can be launched in the caravan master UI whenever the caravan owner is ready. Launching the caravan will place a caravan item in the owner's inventory.[10]
You're going to have a little caravan item and when you right-click it you're going to be in deployable mode for you to be able to place that- it's a representation that you're summoning the caravan so that people around you know that you are launching a caravan.[10]Chris Justo
  • Once launched, caravan owners will see a visible radius around the node, beyond which the owner can begin deployment of their caravan.[10] Deployment takes approximately two minutes by default, but can hastened through upgrades to the caravansary building.[13]
    • Previously the concept for launching a caravan involved an overhead map UI of the node.[2] The developers moved away from this in favor of a more immersive in-world approach.[14]
  • Personal caravans can also be summoned in the open-world from caravansaries in nearby nodes. This will also begin a deployment process that will take an amount of time based on the distance from the caravansary, the caravan's components, and any benefits or buffs from upgrades, node policies, or relics.[15]
  • Previously it was stated that personal caravans can be launched from any point of storage.[16]

System driven caravan initiation

Mayoral caravans are system-driven caravans that are launched by Mayors to obtain needed resources from other nodes.[4][5]

info-orange.pngSome of the following information has not been recently confirmed by the developers and may not be on the current development roadmap.

Players can initiate quest driven caravans (via a NPC) with the following parameters.[17]

When you initiate a caravan you're going to be able to determine the resources of the caravan is going to have in it. You're going to be able to determine whether or not this caravan has been initiated for a specific quest in a nearby node. You're going to be able to deliver goods for trade or to just warehouse in a new region, so that you have access to that local market.[17]Steven Sharif
When you're in a nearby node that you need to drive caravan to... you're going to have an option from the NPC within a nearby node to dictate the caravan launch as a recipient of the temple yeah.[17]Steven Sharif

Raft caravan initiation

Raft caravans are capable of transitioning to and from land caravans at the point of intersection of land and water.[21][22][6][7][8]

  • There will be a delay of "a few minutes" while the caravan transitions while a conversion structure spawns. This introduces a small window of vulnerability.[21][22][6][7]
Part of this transition process is again the risk that you're introducing for the reward of having greater flexibility in movement through the land and that risk is basically you're a sitting duck here for lack of a better term.[21]Steven Sharif
  • The conversion structure does not benefit from damage mitigation points of land or raft caravans, so it's a very weak position to be in.[23]
There's two kinds of methods to crossing rivers: One of them is with bridges, which are constructed by mayors and players, but the other method is via a transformation into a raft... It'll make you a little bit of a sitting duck while you're transitioning. Once you're in the water you'll get a nice speed boost from the currents; and it's a alternate means to getting stuck on the choke points that are bridges.[22]Chris Justo
Skill Icon Description
Convert to Caravan Convert to Caravan Icon.png Allows the raft caravan to turn into a vehicle that can traverse land.[ citation needed ]
Convert to Raft Convert to Raft Icon.png Allows the caravan to turn into a vehicle that can cross calm waters.[24]


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