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Summoner FAQ

[9:00] Summoners, Pet classes aren’t really pet classes, they are character with a pet that does some minor damage and acts as a stat stick, How reliant is a summoner on a summon? E.G. WoW Hunter Pets dying is No big deal[2]

  1. Summoner classes live and breath through their pet/summon/creature
  2. Summoner class have a lot of abilities that channel through a summon.
  3. Some skills pertain to what a pet has, with regards to what a summoner can do, you’re essentially playing through the summon in some respects.
  4. Summoners can collaborate to summon larger summons,
    1. Penultimate summoner skill
    2. Large groups of summoners can create large siege golems[Possibly]

[22:16] If I was a warrior, second class summoner, could I have a beast with me?[3]

  1. No won’t be able to summon a creature.
  2. Beast summoning comes with Summoner primary.

Will summoners get to choose the look of their summons?[4]

  1. Summoners will have some customisation over the way their summons appear.
    1. Cosmetic differences will be determined by in game choices.
      1. Class specific changes, augment archetype.
      2. Race specific.


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