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Truly a force multiplier, the Bard weaves songs of glory and conquest, inspiring his comrades to ever greater heights. The Bard knows secret and powerful words, able to speak into being terrible nightmares, or to convince foes to become friends.

Bard FAQ

How do you plan on making Bards cool?[1]

  1. Won't be a hybrid, don't have a role.
  2. Will make the role meaningful with engaging combat.
  3. Doesn't have to play musical instruments / lute
    1. Dance
    2. Theater
    3. Poetry

[39:00] Will the bard class feature SWG non-combat skills… like music?[2]

  1. Probably not in that way.
  2. Will be more based on where the area is, who is taking part
  3. We do not want a specific class to be the downtime guy
  4. Bards will have utility out of combat like all classes