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CZYxnwv.png [1]

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Skills[2] [3]

Disclaimer: These abilities are just a part of a prebuilt kit that was shown at PAX 2017 and will be available for Alpha0, Skill icons, names and descriptions may change


Icon Skill Description First Upgrade Second Upgrade
XTCg0bb.jpg Longsword Combo Target an enemy and use your sword and shield to strike with multiple blows. Dealing damage and powering up your focus with this weapon attack
LtY6uaA.jpg Hatred / Taunt Target an enemy to force your enemy to target you for 5 seconds, while also increases his hate and the hate of your enemies around him Forced target lock Increased hate per tick
jJp36pk.jpg Bulwark / wall Summon a wall with a stun Adds damage to the knockdown You may now place the wall where you wish within a certain distance
RzvaRQo.jpg Impale / lasso pulls the target to the tank and does damage Adds a Stun when the reach the caster. Adds damage over time
ueFcZrK.jpg Shield Might / Bash Single target knockdown or stun Changes to a frontal cone attack Increases block chance for a duration after a success, determined by number of targets hit
mN86Jma.jpg Cover Redirects x percentage of damage to the caster. Increases damage redirected Gives the target damage reduction buff during the duration, beneficial to both. Caster receives the mitigated damage
QClYUQU.png Righteous Fury / AoE Lasso Pulls targets in a cone and does damage Adds target lock and hate to all in cone Increases Arc radius to 360
ZDBPnuU.png Perception Use this skill to detect threats within range of your perception.
N/A Ultimate defense skill Increases your physical and magical defenses as well as immobilizes you or slows you down Receives increased healing from outside sources while active Breaks crowd control on cast and grants invulnerability to crowd control
N/A Crowd control break breaks non animated knockdown crowd control effects Increases resistances to crowd control effects Gain focus for each cc effect that is cleared through this use
N/A Rush Skill Charge to a single target on the battlefield, friend or enemy, do damage to enemy targets upon reaching them Additional physical and magical mitigation upon reaching the target for a short duration Does damage and knocks down enemies between caster and target
N/A Absorb Bubble Absorbs a fixed amount of damage and does that damage to nearby targets upon expiration Increases the duration of the buff Thorn damage while effective , dealing damage back
N/A Shield Throw Single target throws a shield , adds hate Changes to cone attack Adds stun to the first target hit
N/A Melee strike skill Deals damage and adds hate Adds Damage over time and hate over time Turns into a cone effect
N/A Block passive Increases your block percentage by X Further increases block Chance to deal weapon damage on a successful block
N/A Heavy Armor passive Increases armor given by heavy armor Further Increases armor given by heavy armor Each piece added gives a health percentage bonus to the tank

Tank FAQ

Any primary tank archetype is absolutely viable and not laughable from an upper end raid [4]

What are you going to do to ensure tanks are relevant in PvP? [5]

  1. When we talk about relevant, it’s “do they do so little DPS that they can’t kill anybody”
  2. There are a lot of roles that relate to PvP (Tanks = Control)
  3. Switching targeting, blocking off terrain, etc
  4. Every class that we are building, those archetypes have a relevant place in PvP.

Combat, Tanking, You mentioned before that tanks will have an ability that will make them force targets to attack them instead of a weaker target?[6]

  1. How exactly does that work?
  2. Blocking can refer to incoming damage or projectiles or hits that are against you personally or you ability to project control over the battlefield like creating zones and walls on the battlefield.
    1. Creating collision zones, walls etc.
    2. Skill to jump back and drop a wall that has collision with players.
    3. Walls will perform a collision effect.
  3. If they need to stop a charge they can probably do that in a number of ways,
  4. Trying to deny people entry to areas, and taking damage on the behalf of other
    1. Taunt skill - force people to target swap

Will tanking be reserved to the class that you have or will it be possible to create a hybrid tank with a mage for example?[7]

  1. Tanky mages will generally speaking not be able to keep up with a full-tank.
  2. Mage tanks will be able to have some options for mitigating and reducing damage.
  3. Off-tanks are possible, there is a gradient between off tank and full tank.
  4. Mage tanks may be viable depending on the situation.

Will threat generation, but more importantly holding that threat, rely solely on your gear? Or will there be ways via stats, enchantments, etc. that we can utilize to help keep aggro off our group? [8]

  • The game hosts a wide array of progression paths, and some of those paths will grant additional paths to augmenting your threat generation. This can be in the form of enchantments and stats as you have mentioned, and even in the form of augments granted from societies and religions. Gear and skill choices are also a big component.

Gameplay Videos


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