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Mage primary archetype combined with Bard secondary is a Sorcerer class.[1]


Skill Icon Description
Arcane Circle Arcane Circle Icon.png Place a powerful rune of magic upon the ground beneath you, grants Arcane Might while standing within. Lasts 10 seconds.[2]
Arcane Empowerment Mage Spell Shift 8.png Temporarily dramatically increased cast time while active. Consume all spell charges for increased duration per charge consumed. Spell charges are generated whenever you cast an offensive mage spell while not under the effects of Arcane Empowerment. Each cast generates 1 charge, up to a maximum of 10 charges.[3]
Arcane Eye Arcane Eye Icon.png Conjure a magical eye above you, that reveals any camouflaged enemies within a 20 meter radius to you and your party. Lasts 10 seconds.[4]
Arcane Volley Arcane Volley (Active).png Fires a volley of 7 arcane missiles at your target, dealing (35%🢆) arcane damage each.[5][6]
Ball Lightning Ball Lightning Icon.png Create a large ball of charged electricity that travels slowly forward, rapidly dealing (50%🢆) lightning damage and applying Volatile to enemies it overlaps with.[7][8][9]
Blink Blink.png Instantly teleport 20 meters in the direction you are moving.[10][11]
Blizzard Blizzard.png Channel a massive blizzard around you, raining a barrage of hail shards upon your enemies while channeling. Periodically pulses Chilled to targets within the area. Each shard impact deals (50%🢆) ice damage in a small area around it and applies Frozen to targets with Chilled.[12][13][7]
Chain Lightning Chain Lightning Icon clean.png Release a powerful streak of lightning that hits your primary target and then chains outward to up to 5 nearby enemies from that target, dealing (175%🢆) lightning damage to each and applies 20 stacks of Shocked to targets with Volatile.[14][15][16]
Combust Combust Icon.png Instantly combust your target, dealing (125%🢆) fire damage and applying Conflagrating if they are Burning.[17]
Cone of Cold Cone of Ice.png Blasts a vortex of freezing wind in a cone in front of you, dealing (125%🢆) ice damage and applying Frozen to targets with Chilled.[7][18][19]
Elemental Empowerment Elemental Empowerment (active).png Whenever you cast an elemental spell, your weapon combo finishers apply a stack of Burning, Chilled, or Volatile to targets hit, based on the current empowered element. Casting a spell of another element changes your current Elemental Empowerment to that element.[20]
Fireball Fireball (Active).png Hurl a ball of fire toward your target, dealing (100%🢆) fire damage and applying Burning for (75%🢆) fire damage. 3 charges.[21]
Firebolt Fireball (Active).png Hurl a bolt of fire toward your target, dealing (100%🢆) fire damage and applying Burning for (75%🢆) fire damage. 3 charges.[22]
Fissure Mage Spell 7.png Call forth a line of jagged earthen spikes in a line in front of you, dealing (175%🢆) pierce damage, applying Staggered, and launching each enemy hit.[23]
Frostbolt Frostbolt (Active).png Launch a bolt of frost towards your target, dealing (225%🢆) ice damage. Applies Frozen if the target is Chilled.[24][25]
Hoarfrost Hoarfrost.png Unleash a blast of icy wind at target location, dealing (125%🢆) ice damage and applying Chilled.[26]
Lightning Strike Lightning Strike (Active).png Held ability: Charge up a bolt of lightning to unleash upon your target, dealing (275%🢆) lightning damage based on how long it was charged. Also applies 20 stacks of Shocked to targets.[27][28]
Magma Field (Lavastorm).png Erupts the earth at target location, forming a boiling pool of lava that deals (30%🢆) fire damage and applies Burning at (50%🢆) fire damage power every 2 seconds to enemies within the area. Lasts 8.1 seconds.[29]
Meteor (Meteor Shower).png Conjures a massive flaming rock before sending it hurling toward target location. Upon impact, it deals (300%🢆) fire damage and applies Conflagrating to targets with Burning. [30]
Prismatic Beam Prismatic Beam Icons.gif Channel a powerful beam attack that periodically deals (30%🢆) Magical damage and has additional effects based on your Elemental Empowerment. [31]
  • Fire: 33% chance to apply Burning for (80%🢆) Fire damage.
  • Ice: 33% chance to apply Chilled.
  • Lightning: 33% chance to apply Volatile.
  • Arcane(no empowerment): Each hit drains 2 mana per target, and returns up to 8 mana to the caster. [31]
Quake Quake.png Held ability: Slam down, causing a powerful earthquake around your character that deals (200-500%🢆) bludgeon damage depending on how long it was charged. Additionally this ability applies Staggered to all enemies around the caster, unless fully charged, in which case it applies Tripped.[32]
Shell Shield.png Apply Shell to yourself.[33][34]
  • Shell: A protective magical shell surrounds you, absorbing (500%🢆) magical power in damage before breaking. Lasts 15 seconds.[35]
Slumber Slumber (Active).png Applies Incapacitated to targets in a small area around the primary target. Lasts 10 seconds. [36][37][38]

Bard augments

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