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alGIMuk.png [1]

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Skills[2] [3]

Disclaimer: These abilities are just a part of a prebuilt kit that was shown at PAX 2017 and will be available for Alpha0, Skill icons, names and descriptions may change


  • Rangers will have a minimum range needed to use abilities.

CDMVoUz.png [4]

Icon Skill Description First Upgrade Second Upgrade
qUivMbS.png Bow's Combo Target an enemy and use your bow to strike with multiple arrows. Dealing damage and powering up your focus with this weapon attack.
ffNerRQ.png Power Shot Doing all damage to targets in a line template Adds bleed damage Splits into a fan of arrows, cone, damage increased based on hold duration
MTJphEr.png Snare /Foot pin Roots target Adds bleed Snares after root expires
DaEFNVR.png Mark Arrow /Marked shot Reduces physical damage reduction Reduces magical damage reduction Increases duration
4brmvSL.png Fleeting Shot / Retreating shot Roll backwards and does damage. Increases max range Breaks CC
UaJjc6b.png Sniper's Eye / Prepared shot Prepares 2 arrows combo attacks do more damage Increases to 4 arrows Works on all arrow shots
U6cDvRC.png Hail of Arrows / Rain of arrows Summon a template and launch multiple arrows within the template Add movement slow Add damage of time in area
9utPhLd.png Track Use this skill show nearby tracks, leading to unknown adventures.
IqCaYqo.png Jump Dash Cooldown replaced by charges with individual cooldown Drop a bear trap in the location that you leave.
gU6RBOb.png Sprint Increases movement speed and prevents activation of abilities, using an ability ends sprint Increased resistance to disabled abilities Clears CC when sprint starts and removes silence
xOLov5U.png Knockback shot Knocks back target x distance Add damage Knockdown
1nqo1qR.png Flame line Shoots an arrow leaving a trail of flames Arrow explodes on end of distance Targets take burning damage over time.
EHm8v3H.png Slice Cone melee attack 360 degree attack Hemorrhage damage / bleed
7Uo2m1i.png Trap Places trap under target holds targets in place and does damage Trap stun instead of root Two trap stacks.
N/A Light armor passive Increases armor from light armor Further increases armor given by light armor Each piece of light armor increases damage
N/A Ranged passive Reduces minimum range of all abilities Increases max range of all abilities Increases crit chance (has cooldown)

Rogue/Ranger(Predator) Gameplay

Ranger Bow Skin


Concept Art


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