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200 foot tall Pyrian statues in Alpha-1.[1]

Landmarks are scattered throughout the world, allowing players to judge their position on the map.[1]

From a lore perspective these statues have been around for a long time; and they are representative of the civilizations that existed once on this world before.[1]Steven Sharif

Major visual landmarks. You can look all the way across the horizon have an idea where you're going or where to meet friends or where to meet just based on these huge landmarks in the world.[1]Mat Broome

Notable landmarks

World map

Updated Ashes of Creation map.[2][3]

The new world map in all its 1,200 square kilometer glory. So you're gonna see some names here- a little bit of a reveal of some of these locations in these areas- and you're also of course seeing similar biomes that are present as well. But more importantly what you are seeing is the orientation of these continents and these islands that are facilitating specific types of inter-continental trade gameplay; and they support the relevance of these caravans moving across the land mass to locations that will now incorporate these harbor areas, which aren't identified on the map here... But the important part was providing a lot of coastal naval gameplay between these zones and trade routes between land base.[3]Steven Sharif

Alpha-2 work-in-progress map UI.[4]

The world of Verra features an in-game viewable world map. This map is not randomly generated, and begins covered in a fog of war.[5] Players will not be able to see the world until they have explored it or gathered information about it. The world is also full of imperfect information, which will require the player to act on it for verification.[6]

For example, you may hear a rumor in a tavern that tells you the location of a cave full of weak Kobolds, but this was not accurate as the rumor was started by well-equipped bandits in order to waylay overconfident adventurers.[6]

When information is gathered, or the player has successfully explored an area, points of interest are marked on the map.[7]

  • These points of interest are determined by Node progression; and not every server will share the same map, as player decisions will vary server to server.[7]
  • The map UI will potentially incorporate player created location markers that are visible by other party members.[8]

In addition to node progression being a factor on map generation, zones in Ashes of Creation will cater to all levels.[9]

The map will have geographical choke points caused by non-traversable obstacles (such as Mountains).[10][11][12]

Even though we're an open-world that doesn't mean that from a design perspective, especially with the way our economic systems work, that we will want to create Geographic choke points.[11]Steven Sharif


Verran map scroll.[13]

Verra was created to house four separate... divine races and they're called divine races because the remaining seven gods imbued their characteristics within each of these different races. They didn't put all of them into one and make the same mistake. They had focuses really that these races took essentially.[14]Steven Sharif

The name of the Ashes of Creation world is Verra.[15]

Verran continents and locations:

Verran oceans:

  • The Fortunic Ocean.[13]
  • The Umbral Sea.[13]
  • Tradewind Sea.[13]
  • The Avaric Ocean.[13]

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