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Developer Quotes

Will you have some form of group finder/dungeon finder menu?[1]

  1. Not planning on including on a group finder option.
  2. There will be centres in cities where people can go and potentially put a listing up and express intent, look at player advertisements.
  3. Guild recruitment posters.
  4. No straight dungeon finder.

Do you plan on integrating party system utilities? (parsing/etc)[2]

  1. Discussing pros and cons of allowing such mods
  2. There will be PvE metrics implemented for dungeons and certain events
  3. Groups on server can compete on who does it the best
  4. There will be levels on which you’re doing that PvE that enables special loot drop tables

Anything like story bricks?[3]

  1. We do have a story system at both the regional and global levels
  2. We have events that will be the main driver of story in the world
  3. Want to make the world feel reactive, building story into the game manually
  4. Not procedurally generated

How large will dungeons be? Multiple rooms and access points? Access form the underrealm?[4]

  1. Our intent is that its going to be “massive”.
  2. Big focus on big things.
  3. We want places where people with 30 minutes can participate as well
    1. Larger commitments and smaller commitments
  4. “Massive caverns” and “massive dungeons”[5]
    1. Dungeons in open world that players can contend with
  5. Dungeons will not be instanced and will not scale.[6]

Will dungeons be subject to same rules as open world pvp?[7]

  1. There will be open world dungeons that will be focused for drop tables and items
  2. Flagging system presents potential for two parties to have open conflict.


You’ve mentioned a lot about Ashes having a lot of PvP and PvE content, what can we expect about the raiding in Ashes?[8]

  1. In order to have a good blend, making the game from a PvE perspective really diverse and engaging. Need to have a strong PvE game if you’re going to make PvP matter
  2. Large focus on epic raids, 40 main raid groups taking out epic world bosses[9]
  3. Having problem solving play a role, not just zerging content
  4. Need to have very specific/strategic gameplay for these raids/dungeons
  5. Will be very in-depth and community centric, content for different group sizes

Will dungeons and raid bosses have clear times for guilds can complete? (Sir Pook)[10]

  1. We definitely want there to be ladders and reports of performance. Whether dungeons will rely on those to open drop tables; maybe some, not all. It’s a cool aspect.

Endgame? Raids?[11]

  1. Strong focus on epic content, no “endgame” per say
  2. “Endgame” is a bad term because AoC is structured so that content is constantly being revealed to you. More about the development of the server than hitting max level, etc.
  3. Want to maintain the relevancy of the entire world, not just moving zone -> zone

How are you going to make the PvE experience so that raid and dungeon bosses be done with mechanics in place without zergs ignoring them.[12]

  1. There are specific mechanics that the players need to learn and react to, skill and knowledge, to complete the boss, preventing them being zerged through
  2. Bring as large of a zerg as you want, if they do not know mechanics they will be wiped
  3. Want players to learn raid composition, skills of bosses, mechanics etc.
  4. Zerging is not experiencing content[13]

PvE progression and systems.[14]

  1. 8 people groups. 40 people raids. Dungeons for solos, for groups, for raids. The available content is chosen by the players and how they develop the world.

Instanced raiding. Can we expect long, hard and complex instanced raids?

Yes. PvE systems need to be dynamic and challenging. No cookie-cutter type of experience, becoming this boring duty. We want node changes to affect the PvE systems (raids) to keep them fresh and challenging. It needs to be hard. There needs to be a dynamic nature to those type of events, to keep it appealing. The satisfaction comes from the effort that was necessary to achieve it. [15]


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