DjTechlive Q&A 2017-05-05

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  1. New plant
  2. What’s in the orange box!? - It’s a suitcase.
    1. What’s in the orange suitcase!?

DjTechlive Questions

What would be the benefit of going the same secondary archetype as your primary archetype?

  1. Couple of minutes of explaining how the class/subclass system actually works
  2. Tank/Tank is archetypical, huge plate wearing, unmovable object. Still get augments from the secondary archetype if it’s the same, but will give you further options.
    1. Primary Taunt skill, Tank/Tank could augment it that modifies Taunt that adds reflection shield during taunt duration.
    2. Double down on thematic niche of archetype.
  3. Tank/Rogue would be more of an evasion tank (SPEED TANK GOTTA GO FAST)

General question about class balance?

  1. Hiring mercenary guilds to defend node, Players/NPC
    1. Want to facilitate it with some form of UI hiring mechanic
    2. NPC areas have places to hire guards, add things to walls, purchase NPC for castle walls, caravans have NPCs that depend on Castle/Tier of node.

Efficacy of NPC AI, how intelligent will NPC AI be? Learning system?

  1. Similar to how monsters work, working on an AI system with some intelligence.
    1. Not IBM Watson, but NPCs should have character, not faceless mobs

Will town's be able to ally/mutually benefit each other and work together?

  1. Yes. Node to node diplomacy is intended.
    1. Trade mechanics, alliances for events, sieges, development of pseudo factions.
    2. Developers want to promote comparative advantage within each node.
    3. Trade agreements
    4. Nodes should have trade strengths and weaknesses, to promote cross trade.
  2. Developers want to heavily promote conflict driven gameplay.

Housing question

  1. Freeholds’ will have certain player interactions that allow players to come and rest at an inn, etc. Which will bring benefits, will want to make sure freehold is in a good spot to take advantage of traffic
    1. SWG Dancer Hype
  2. Building next to a river gives advantages for farm rather than building in forest
  3. Land will not be equal, some land will outright be better for some functions.
    1. Mountains better for mines,
  4. Not wanting to develop a landgrab game, ala AA.
    1. Development of Node system is intended to counter this.
  5. Apartments
    1. Apartments are still instanced housing for the masses
      1. Player run government can build apartments, grant people the ability to buy an instanced room, grants them citizenship to the node.

PvP Question Time! Eastern market has watered down PvP to a gear check, how will you make PvP a thing that doesn’t just become a gear check, dependent on who can grind hardest, and get PvE people involved as well.

  1. “Find the blend”
    1. We will balance the game so there isn’t a huge power curve?
      1. Flat power curve design.
      2. Numbers game, they seem realistic at the work needed.
  2. “PvE’rs very important to the game”
    1. Responsible for creating the world that PvPers fight over
    2. Node System still lets you affect the world, even if you aren’t interacting person to person.
    3. Steven found that people weren’t always playing the game they wanted to play, but rather the game they were needed to by their group. He wanted to build the game where this wasn’t the case, and that everyone was equally useful to the competitive integrity of the game.
    4. Crafting will be core to progression
      1. Name stamps on crafted items? Confirmed.
      2. Some way for crafters to build notoriety.

How deep is the character customization?

  1. Aesthetics are huge part of the world, don’t want to break immersion
  2. “Flexibility, range” when creating character
  3. Not much on how it will work

Did you use motion capture or animated?

  1. They have an animator
    1. Did a lot of stuff/blends himself?

Guilds?! How will you make guilds more than just a collection of people? Games ruin that by adding teleportation to dungeons, flying mounts, how are you going to make the social aspect come to life

  1. Trying to put in mechanics that encourage people to work together, conflict/together
  2. Guild houses, skills, sieges, alliances, exert influence over the rest of the world
  3. Benefits for different sized guilds, large/small
  4. Zergfests, we are not going down the road to support zergfests.
    1. There will be things for different sized guilds to do

How is the world, is it linear. Will it take time to walk from point A to point B, teleportation, etc (Dude hasn’t seen previous Q&As)

  1. Yes, there won’t be roads/etc. You’ll have to develop them and builds roads
  2. Not a whole lot of fast travel, have to make your way over there
  3. Travel is meaningful? Don’t want you to skip past the world to zip around places.
  4. There are applications for “faster” travel, but not a lot of “fast travel”
  5. Want to focus on discovery for the player
  6. You will eventually know what world looks like, but you won’t know what is there.

Live In-Game Footage

  1. Very pretty, UE4
  2. Footage of a Freehold?
    1. Farm out front, little red barn. Smoke particle effects.
  3. Technical difficulties!
    1. Bacon has a very deep voice.
    2. Mouse dance party.
  4. Cloth physics on the capes
  5. Freehold explanation
    1. Can be placed in the open world of Node 3+ nodes.
    2. Build up farms, windmills, industry, professions, etc
    3. Intended to fit multiple buildings quite sizable
      1. Looks ~32#32m (GUESS, NOT REAL INFO)
    4. Cooking food, could provide benefits to people who visit and give increased xp as they do something(example)
    5. Furnace
      1. Can smelt ore on freehold
  6. Guest man GachiGasms all over the footage.

Reddit Questions

In the kickstarter there is mention of expanding naval ship classes, what is the general idea/feel for what naval interactions are going to be like? Are they going to be primarily used to transport goods? Are there combat ships?

  1. Meaningful conflict on the open seas, will include expanding their trade routes to sea based caravans, will include additional underwater combat, fauna, flora, mounts, monsters, treasure. When the world fell, everything looked different, let’s them build High Fantasy stories Under Da Sea.

One question, feelsbadman.