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  • There are currently five Castles in the game[1]
  • These Castles will have a predetermined location and terrain.[2]
  • The castles that exist at launch will be occupied by an NPC adversary. These are the primary antagonists in the storyline[3]
  • 3 Military Nodes[4] that the Controlling Guild can Develop and Use.[5]
  • Castles have dedicated nodes around the castle which they exert some economic control over, can tax those areas and allocate them towards defense of the node.[1]
    • Those taxed funds cannot be pocketed.[6]
    • These nodes exist outside of the node system.
    • They’re independent of anything that is happening outside in the world with other nodes shutting off other nodes from progressing.
    • These nodes that are dedicated to the castle, cannot Develop Past Stage 4 (Town) [5]
      • They must be brought up through questing by either alliance guilds or the owning guild of the castle.
        • That questing involves taking caravans and supplies from existing nodes in the world to the dedicated castle node, in order, during different weeks before the cycle period of siege.
      • Complete those quest to level up those nodes, they’ll unlock certain services that are handy to the leader of the guild that owns that castle, as well as any allied guilds, that may participate in certain functions and services that those nodes could provide for the castle.
        • They will Enhance the Castle's Defenses [5]itself. As those caravans are moving from nodes to the castle dedicated nodes, rival guilds will want to destroy those caravans to prevent them from leveling up the castle dedicated nodes.
      • Failure to level up those nodes or complete those quests within the three prior weeks before the declaration week, then the castle will be at a disadvantage/ It will be at a weakened state during the siege.[7]
  • Castles can activate events and abilities, and unlock certain types of buildings[1]
  • Citizenship to a castle is automatically granted to those in the occupying guild and only those in the guild.[8]
  • Citizenship to the castle does not affect your citizenship to nodes. [8]
  • A portion of the taxes earned by the guild will be allocated to certain types of guild related expenses [9]
  • Guild leaders will be the lords of occupied castles. [10]. The owners of castles as well as the elected officials of nodes, during their administration they have the ability to impact and influence the region around them.[11]
  • There is a dominant castle that exerts some influence over the other castles. [12]
  • They are on a cycle of siege-ability.[13]


  • Castle Siege's happen once every month.[5][14]
  • If Multiple guilds are attacking a castle, the guild leader or appointed Lieutenant to finish the cast on the final object in the throne room will capture the castle [15]
  • The ultimate objective is either:[16]
    • for the Defenders to survive during the timed period of the siege.
    • If they do not survive, the attackers will need to reach the inner keep of the castle.
      • There will be a casting ability that's present on guild leaders of a certain level. One other delegated person can cast as well, a chosen officer that can cast on behalf of the guild leader. Those two people are capable of casting a long cast. Depending on what way points are captured will also diminish that cast time. Once they do that, they will have sealed the castle for their ownership.
  • Attackers can try to destroy what the guild has built in each node to try and weaken the defenses of the castle when it's siege comes later in the month.[5] They may also be able to destroy the doors that exist to gain access that way. It's going to be a matter of capturing waypoints in the castles architecture. If you are able to capture those you'll be diminishing your respawn timer and increasing the respawn timer of the defenders.[17]
  • Being a member of the guild will automatically make you a garrison of the caslte nodes and castle itself. [5]
  • Castle Siege's are intended for guilds.[18]
  • You do not need to be The owner of the castle or in the guild that owns the castle to signup for the defense of the castle. The guild leader that owns the castle will be able to approve guilds that have applied to defend the castle.[19]
  • Guilds that wish to siege the castle will be required to be of a certain level.[20] Meaning that they will have had to progress their guild to a certain point. They will have to undergo a crafting process that will utilize the masters of each crafting type, gathering, processing and crafting in the artisanship tree, in order to create a declaration flag.
    • during the period of time right before the siege of the castle, you may then declare with that declaration flag your intent to siege the castle.
  • The defender will have a week grace period before that scheduled siege period that they can approve defenders, lay down mercenaries, NPC’s, different defensible positions at the castle.[21] Defenders also have a counter play with that. They may attack the siege headquarters of the attacking guilds, diminishing their declaration flags to increase their timers as a reciprocation.[22]
  • Backing out of a Siege will lose all the resources you put in to start the siege[23]
  • Each node tied to the castle experiences a siege prior to the castle siege, with one node under siege for a week for the three weeks leading up to the castle siege.[5]
  • The amount of successfully held nodes before the castle seige will influences the defense capabilities of the castle.[8]
  • There are going to be different siege weaponry that will grant the attackers the ability to destroy walls, destroying different sections of the castle in order to gain access to the inner keeps area.[24]
  • There will also be legendary NPCs that will be present as commanders and act as a mini raid boss for raids within the defending or attacking siege participant's, to try to kill those for added benefits, as well as getting certain types of drops that can grant battlefield benefits to the players on either side.[25]
  • Seige Cycle [8]
    • Week One - Node One
    • Week Two - Node Two
    • Week Three - Node Three
    • Week Four - Castle


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