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Date July 9, 2018

Steven and Jeffrey reveal a little about Alpha 1, a video of the Alpha 1 environment, community Q&A covering ghost towns, competitive raiding, legendary item balance, citizenship, freehold blueprints, boats, Thieves Guild, nodes, class balance, crosshairs, and more!



  • [6:50]
  • Steven: We’d like to give you a bit of an update. There’s a lot of exciting things going on. We are knee deep in combat design, implementation, developing fully the action side of the game.
  • Jeffrey: We’ve been up to our elbows in action. Trying to make that feel good, reactive, make the character feel like an extension of you. There’s a lot of effort in trying to make that happen and feel good. It takes a lot of iteration to get that right. We’ve been play testing almost every day here in the office.
  • Steven: They’ve been having fun and being loud.
  • Jeffrey: They’ve been real loud, especially at the end of matches, everyone gets really into it. It’s cool because when your this close to a project often that doesn’t happen, so I think that means we’ve found some real fun in it.
  • Steven: I do see in chat, some people are like ‘show us’, you will see Combat footage next stream. Right now, it’s still extremely early, it’s a little raw. It feels very good at this state right now. As we told you guys earlier a whole part of phase 1 alpha 1 is implementing action combat in an arena setting. That’s what will allow us to bang on the servers with connections. People getting in, putting match making components into it, moving people around, getting it regionalized on some cloud hosting servers around the world.
  • Jeffrey: It’s going to be our biggest test so far. It’s going to be huge.
  • Steven: We have just over 8000 signed up right now that are purchased into A1. The big component, what will feel traditional as an alpha for an MMO is that persistent world server where you have character progression, that will be phase 2. That will be later, we haven't announced a date for that yet. Our first phase which is that Arena/Action oriented/PvP focus this fourth quarter. We did announce last week that we will be ending A1 sales this month. This is the last month that we will allow for the purchases of A1 Intrepid packs. The reason for that is as a western developer, we’re not porting a game that’s already been played and launched live with an eastern audience or elsewhere to the west. We’re actively in development of this game. Our target number for A1, especially on that persistent server is below 10,000, we don’t want more than that. We want to focus on one server potentially and our concurrent numbers that we’ve announced are between 8-10k per world server. So we want to have 10,000 players from our community who are participating in our A1, which is why we’ll be suspending our A1 sales at the end of this month.
  • Steven: In addition to that, we have announced that we’ve brought onboard some very talented developers. Many of them were from Daybreak. We have also additionally brought people working on the project now in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, as well as in France just north of Paris. That brings our total hands on the project to over 100 people. In one years time we’ve gone from 12 people on the project to over 100.
  • Jeffrey: We wanted to be really aggressive, so this is kind of what we had to do. It’s been working out really well for us.
  • Steven: One of the most unique things, I think, about our project, in the articles that were written up from our press release is AoC is now one of the largest MMOs currently in production.
  • Jeffrey: That’s crazy, but I guess it’s true. You take a look at the state of the genre and what people are doing, I guess it makes sense, a lot of the giant teams creating don’t exist anymore.
  • Steven: I think that’s because studios/developers/publishers haven't really innovated or built new projects in the MMO genre outside of staple IPs.
  • Steven: Additionally, we’ve announced we’ll be bringing on 21 more developers for our studio in San Diego and will begin that search next month. One of the great things about having such an involved community, with you guys going out and spreading word for the game, it helps us appeal to veteran developers and we’d like to continue bringing those developers onboard to make this project the best it can be.
  • Jeffrey: We’re looking for super talented people. Being an independent studio it can be a risk for people looking for jobs. We’ve got a great benefits package, but it’s always a risk. The more legit we look, and the more you guys say we’re doing something cool, the cooler it will seem to people who apply with us.
  • Steven: The more leverage we have to appeal to senior veteran developers, which is what we want to do, we want to bring on board the best possible developers and we want to continue to do that.


  • [14:16]
  • Steven: We do have a little footage we want to show you. It’s not combat I know everyone always states, “Show us what’s inside the box!” I mean “Show us the combat!”, That’s going to be on the next stream, You’ll see that next stream…. Well I can’t announce that… What you will see now is a preview of some of the new areas, and one of our A1 maps and you guys can take a look at that.
  • [17:30]
  • Steven: I hope you enjoyed watching that. That’s all in-game environment footage. It was rendered on a GTX 970, It is getting client side on our test we’re getting like max capped frame rate. I know you guys know this because your following the game, but part of this development is really taking an MMORPG to the next stage of evolution of graphical fidelity. When it comes to beautiful, lush, beautiful, deep, detailed, world. We have an incredibly talented environment team. We have incredibly talented artists across the board. Part of our commision to them as designers/engineers and myself is go all out.
  • Jeffrey: Do what you do best
  • Steven: Yeah, make this a place I want to be immersed in. That I want to live in. That’s what they are doing. You can see by the quality of these videos what type of game we’re building and that’s exciting.
  • Jeffrey: Every step forward we take always feels like another giant leap forward.
  • [19:17]
  • Steven: We do have some images we can take a look at.
  • Jeffrey: You can almost see the person behind us might be working on it.
  • Steven: Tad, behind us was a former team lead at H1Z1 and Devon we brought on this last month was also an environment lead over at Daybreak.
  • Jeffrey: Here you can see some of the lighting passes that we’ve done to try and improve the look of everything is kind of what your seeing here. Here is a cemetery, also by Tad, from a long, long time ago, some people died here.
  • Peter: Well I don’t know if they died there.
  • Jeffrey: yeah, they were brought there over time.


[21:13] Will there be ghost towns? For example, when a node is destroyed will its inhabitants become undead?

  • Jeffrey: That’s pretty rad, but I don’t think that’s going to happen
  • Steven: First, there will be ghost towns in the sense that undead and ghosts exist,
  • Jeffrey: They might have towns
  • Steven: Both corporeal and incorporeal undead, they will be in the game, but they will not be the result of a node being vanquished.
  • Jeffrey: We will keep track of those events so you can check out the history of what happens in the world. You can see that node was sieged at this time, got destroyed this time.

[22:15] How will you make instanced raiding competitive compared to games like WoW?

  • Jeffrey: Competitive? You mean would I rather play an AoC raid or a WoW raid? I mean a lot of that stuff just has to do with how fun you make it. We’d love to compete with WoW on that stage, we have designers that have made raids like that before. It’s certainly a target of ours to crush them.
  • Steven: I think one of the design elements that we’re implementing into our raids is that the raid will not be exactly the same every single time. Your going to have variables that can’t necessarily be preplanned out. You can preplan out for a lot of the raid like how many dps/healers/support do you need and where will they be positioned. But I think the compelling aspect of Ashes raiding will be the difficulty in achieving this content and having that content change form session to session as well. We want there to be variables that get manifested by what type of node got developed elsewhere. Is he going to have acolytes or cultists, what kit will the boss have, what available skills will he have, what mood is he in? Those are all in the backend of a raid, that you won’t see into the backend, but a lot of those systems are influenced by world development. The raid takes into account to what stage has the world developed. Are there 2 metropolises available in the world? Well let's activate this skill and this skill now. You have 5 metropolises? Then all of the skills have been activated.
  • Jeffrey: Are they all Economic Metropolises? Are they all Military Metropolises? We can change things based on that stuff.
  • Steven: It really is a threat assessment from the environment against the players. Whenever you have a player versus environment setting you don’t want a stagnant, overly repetitive environment because it’s lackluster because it doesn’t engage you.
  • Jeffrey: It goes from being fun to being work
  • Steven: That’s a good analogy, it becomes a chore, “I have to do this”. A lot of people are thinking, “yeah, but I enjoy getting online with my friends, and being a part of that raid” That’s still going to be the focus and the component of it, except now it’s going to be challenging enough that you have to pay attention and come prepared and be ready to experience a new thing.
  • Jeffrey: The hope is that when we get to that point, there will be no such thing as the phrase “We have it on farm”
  • Steven: I know every single large guild raider is like “But I like having things on farm” Well if you want to have it on farm, it’s going to be very difficult.

[25:24] How will you balance legendary Items? I think the community speculated that legendaries would have a limited amount of time they are alive for. I personally think that if legendaries are temporary it would lessen the value of them substantially. How do you guys plan to implement them in a way that makes people want to grind for months and months to achieve this legendary item. Having them be breakable seems like a bad idea.

  • Steven: The first part of your question is how will you balance legendary items. I think that the balance in legendary items is the amount of effort, time, and skill it takes to achieve the item.
  • Jeffrey: And then also the fact there is only one of them.
  • Steven: or very, very few, depending on what it is. I think that in itself is a balance component. You need to make sure that the players who are striving for those legendary things and devoting the time, energy, resources, in order to achieve them, are accurately rewarded with their power. We do not intend on having legendary items that are temporary
  • Jeffrey: There might be some, but temporary would be in their nature
  • Steven: That’s true, like the legendary mounts that drop as an egg and live for a period of time and are gone.

[27:06] Can we get clarification that citizenship will only be gained through housing? A simple yes or no will settle the debate.

  • Steven: I’ll give you a yes or no, but hold on. Early on, we stated that in order to become a citizen you will need to own a home, and that home can either be a freehold, static house in the node, or an instanced apartment. I do not know if we will stick to that. It depends on testing. There may be in addition to owning a home, there may be a number of citizenship tickets that a node has granted at a certain stage, that don’t require homes.
  • Jeffrey: It depends, we want these places to be populated, and attracted to them, right now we think housing is enough for that, but we don’t want to design ourselves into a corner where we don’t have any other options. The hope is that, yes, citizenship will only be gained through housing, with our caveat that if that doesn’t work well, we will change it.
  • Steven: That’s the whole purpose of testing. That’s why we test these things. To us on paper, in design, it sounds like it’s fine, if you have 8,000 players on at a time and only 1% can afford or build homes at a time
  • Jeffrey: and that’s not cool, we want most people to be able to participate in this stuff.
  • Steven: Sorry I didn’t end up saying yes or no. Soft Yes. Soft Peter.

[29:17] How will the freehold blueprints work? Some kind of Minecraft building system?

  • Jeffrey: Not like Minecraft, a little bit similar to Minecraft, it’ll be more like Tetris. Where you have different buildings have different shapes.
  • Steven: You're talking about the adjacency bonuses. The Freehold Blueprints themselves
  • Jeffrey: Just placing the plot? Just how you’d picture it probably
  • Steven: Additionally, how you find those blueprints. You can purchase them from certain merchants, you can acquire them through acquisition inside of societies or religions, you can be granted them from progress in quests, you can find them as drops, you can craft the blueprints, there are a lot of different ways to get the blueprints.

[30:27] Will boats be summoned from anywhere on land, near water, or only in harbors?

  • Steven: Boats can only be summoned from land. The purpose of that is again that if you win a battle at sea it should be decisive and give you time to accomplish whatever your attempting to accomplish before you can have retribution from the opponents you’ve defeated. Will there be harbors boats can go inside of? Absolutely. Those will be present along the coast. Those can pop up based on a node being developed nearby if its on the coast or the node itself can have a harbor if the node itself is on the coast. There will likely be quests granted from the harbor specifically in regards to the sea and sea content. What you can do in the harbor will be a lot of different things including upgrades to the boat.
  • Steven: Have we talked about the seamanship progression?
  • Jeffrey: I don’t think so
  • Peter: Nice
  • Steven: I wanted so badly to just talk about it. We can talk about it a little bit right?
  • Jeffrey: A little. This is all baconconfirmed.
  • Steven: What are you talking about, I’m talking about it, it can’t be baconconfirmed. One of the ideas we’re putting into our sea content designs, ships will have piloting skills, different classes among the ships, additionally they’ll have utility and weaponry that can be implemented onto the ship. Your expertise at using those things can be leveled up and will

Stream cuts until Part 2 ---
  • Steven: We were talking about seamanship before the stream cut off. I felt like we were back in our early days of KS. We’ve never really gone down like that. I see everybody is being their mature internet selves with the seamanship stuff. What shall we call it? Your Boatsmanship. Boat Skills. Part of AoC is that there are many different progression paths. You have your adventuring class, society progression, node progression, crafting progression, weapon progression, boatsmanship progression among the different classes of boats you’ll have in AoC, there are also different components that will exist in the hull of the ship, those components could be weapons, defensive, utility, trade, piloting. Part of the Boatsmanship class is that as you gain experience in handling these different component you will become more adept at using them, which will make you a more sophisticated Mariner on the sea.
  • Jeffrey: Mariner I like that
  • Steven: Boom, look at that, do it live.
  • Jeffrey: The idea is that you can spec into, create your own class of what you like to do on the boat and how do you get better at doing boaty things. It’s going to be similar in structure to the artisanship trees. You’ll have your mariner class. You’ll have different trees in the class, whether it’s gunnery, piloting, navigation, repairing the boat, that kind of thing. The more you go out on the sea the more experience you get for it, The more you can spec into that class.
  • Steven: Boy that was a long question, I forgot that was a question, Was that a question?
  • Jeffrey: It was a question. I don’t think it started as a question…
  • Peter: It started about boats in the harbor

[38:19] With KS we earned social organizations such as the Thieves Guild. Are these planned to be NPC managed, and players simply do a quest chain or pay a membership to be included, or will they be player run with members being able to elect leaders and direct the organization as they see fit?

  • Steven: To start they will be NPC run, and they will always have an NPC component to it’s direction. However, there will be ranks that certain members on a server can obtain, which will give some direction ability over the organization and what it’s directives are.
  • Jeffrey: It will always be keyed to that specific organization too, so it won’t be like the thieves guild starts doing magey things, they will retain their identity, you won’t necessarily be able to make quests that go outside of that identity, but you can focus other players quests and stuff.
  • Steven: That’s a cool component, being a driving, directing force, even though your choices are restricted within that identity.

[39:25] At what stage does a Node begin to inhibit the development of neighboring Nodes, 3 or 4? Soon after we return to Verra and develop all Nodes to level 3 are there any gaps between their ZOI’s where Freeholds cannot be placed?

  • Steven: Nodes begin to influence their neighboring nodes at level 1. Will there be gaps between ZOI’s? No, ZOI’s connect fully across the world. There is not a space where you will move in to do something and no node will get that experience.
  • Jeffrey: That doesn’t mean that there won’t be nodes that are stuck at level 0, that will still happen.
  • Steven: Will there be areas where Freeholds cannot be placed? They cannot be placed on Roads, inside of dungeons, or Points of Interest, but generally they’re very open world. It’s not going to be like other games where there is a designated square where all housing must go for the zone. It’s going to be more freeform than that. Outside of specific terrain actors, POI’s or roadways pretty much you can place it down.

[40:54] Can dead players be made into Undead by Necromancers?

  • Steven: No

[41:02] Will the AoC tree in the logo that looks like a phoenix be in the game? If so what significance does it have?

  • Steven: Lore question, can’t answer that one

[41:12] Can a faster growing node ZOI start to take over a smaller nodes ZOI?

  • Steven: Larger nodes can and will engulf lesser nodes if they’re within.
    • Jeff Does Hand Gestures
  • Steven: We have a very specific algorithm that dictates how that progression will work, it’s not something we’ll reveal, but if you have a map that say has a node in the center, and as Jeff described there are two smaller nodes a size 3 and size 4, our Algorithm takes a few things into account before determining in what direction that node will expand and take over.

[42:09] Will Alpha 1 (A1) have set time slots or will it be open testing?

  • Steven: It will have both time slots as well as long period testing that we’d like to test the server.
  • Jeffrey: We’ll probably start with time slots first until we get stability worked out, then we’ll go into longer form.
  • Steven: Our goal is to have several weeks of consistent play at the end of that testing that we can bang our chests about.

[42:39] Post-Siege, will we be seeing rubble or will it be neat and tidy?

  • Jeffrey: You’ll probably see rubble for a while, but it can’t be persistent in that sense.
  • Steven: It’ll probably be at the end of the first week where they have time to get the node progressed.
  • Jeffrey: At some point we have to clean it up or it will get really messy, really fast. There will just be disaster everywhere.
  • Steven: There will likely be a period of time at which you will likely see rubble following a siege, and that period of time will likely end once the first weeks task is complete for the guild who owns the new castle or the existing incumbent guild, to develop that Node A in the triad node.
  • Jeffrey: I think they were talking about all the nodes
  • Steven: Oh I was thinking castles, I’m sorry
  • Jeffrey: Timing of that, not quite sure, but we do want people after a big event like that has happened to see the aftereffects of something like that. We’ll persist it for some unknown amount of time.

[43:56] When a node devolves will we see evidence of it at one time being greater?

  • Jeffrey: That would be harder to do. I don’t know that we would do that. Obviously that would be rad, but it would be tough to make happen.
  • Steven: It’s not in the script at the moment. That could be an issue.

[44:22] Can we have more info on Headstart? Will you sell them seeing as how they are not KS exclusive?

  • Steven: We had a 2 day headstart in the KS packages where nodes are disabled from development. We don’t have more info on headstart for now, I’m not sure if you’ll ever see them again. We will see on that.
  • Jeffrey: Probably much closer to launch.

[44:46] How much of the map can we expect to be classed as hunting grounds? How much will be Corruption Enabled?

  • Steven: Classed as Hunting Grounds? How much? A good percentage? As in like there are monsters here? Most of it.
  • Jeffrey: Most of it. I feel like the question was going for something else, but I’m not sure I understand it.
  • Steven: How much of the map will be corruption enabled? All of it?
  • Jeffrey: You can get corruption anywhere. Maybe ask another question, I don’t feel like I’m getting it.
    • Editors Note: I think the reason they are confused by this question is most PvP areas are described as being mobile (like a caravan that travels across areas), limited to a particular time (like a node seige), or are set between groups of people like an alliance vs alliance war in which players who are not a member of either alliance still operate with the normal corruption rules to the players involved in the war.

[46:00] Will there be Wind, Water, and Nature Growth Magic? Is it possible to create a class fully using one of these elements?

  • Steven: Yes. Will there be elemental magic? Definitely.
  • Jeffrey: Of those specific elements we’ll probably have Air and Water. Nature might be something different.
  • Steven: There will be those forms of magic, can you create a class fully using one of those elements? No probably not fully, but you could assign augments per se.
  • Jeffrey: Mostly you could probably do it. There would be some hoop jumping. You’d have to be careful about what you were choosing.
  • Steven: You could do it.

[46:00] Have you considered using Epics work on paragon to your advantage seeing as how their combat/character/animation/motion capture skills where all made using UE4?

  • Editors Note: Question was read not answered

[47:31] Will Achievements be locked by character, account, or both?

  • Jeffrey: Probably a mix of both

[47:50] Do you plan to launch a server in South America?

  • Steven: We have plans to address the launch in communities and regions that warrant it through following and participation. The answer is tentatively yes, because currently our traffic does show a large support of Brazilian followers.

[48:26] With gathering and crafting, I assume there will be mechanics in place where only things can only be found in wild undeveloped nodes, such as a quest for rangers and druids to assist the wildlife instead of civilization? A freeholder in the middle of a dozen wild nodes they gather in could easily be forced out of an area and constantly have to move shop without a way to maintain the wild state?

  • Jeffrey: Not really, not like that
  • Peter: If you want one destroy a node
  • Jeffrey: That’s kind of where you’d have to go with that

[50:12] Will you be able to mail resources across nodes?

  • Steven: You will not be able to mail resources
  • Jeffrey: If you want to give it to one of your friends your going to have to get on your horse, or start a caravan, or walk it personally

[50:35] Will there be gifting in the store soon?

  • Steven: No not soon. I don’t know if we’ll allow for gifting. It’s scary because it helps facilitate RMT. We’ll see. I’m kind of conflicted on that
  • Jeffrey: We’ve had a lot of conversations on that

[51:11] What is the key functions of the devs in France and Malaysia?

  • Steven: France is Engineering, and Malaysia is Art.

[51:41] Will there be glow in the dark dyes?

  • Jeffrey: There can be.
  • Jeffrey: Like something that glows in the dark like a light stick.
  • Peter: Kind of like the Underrealm vegetation
  • Steven: Like Emissives?
  • Jeffrey: Almost certainly, We love Emissives

[52:34] Will KS get the chance to continue upgrading until almost the release of the game?

  • Steven: We’re going to suspend sale of Intrepid Packs, but will KS and SS backers be able to continue upgrading? That will depend on how much room we have left. There will be a point at which we don’t have enough room, but I’ll make that announcement at least a couple of weeks ahead of time to give you guys a warning.

[53:25] Will there be shipping to Europe soon on the merchandise shop?

  • Steven: The tough thing about shipping is that we don’t set the shipping rates, and we don’t feel comfortable charging the shipping rates that UPS or Fedex or whoever charges, they’re really high, and although we’ve negotiated with them to bring them down, they’re still really high, so unless we have a distribution node in those territories to ship from and we can ship in bulk to them and they can ship from, which may come down soon, right now we can’t facilitate that and feel good about it.

[54:18] Do you guys take Interns?

  • Steven: We have taken interns. I think we’ve had a total of four or five.
  • Jeffrey: All local, we tend to shop locally. There’s a whole process for it.

[54:37] Will there be an in-game event for Steven’s Birthday?

  • Steven: Maybe we should have a sandal cake in game

[55:00] Can you tell us anything about Daybreak and Planetside?

  • Steven: No, we suggest you ask Daybreak

[55:11] Given that cosmetic items are going to be available from the cosmetic store, will there be a way to craft cosmetic items and costumes that look better than cash shop items?

  • Steven: Absolutely
  • Jeffrey: Better is in the eye of the beholder. It’s not like we’re going to put more look into the visuals of one or another, it’s just going to be items that are different.
  • Steven: The Important thing is that the cosmetic shop is not intended to be an area where cosmetics in the game that are achievable aren’t good looking and the only good ones are from the cosmetic shop. The plan is that Cash shop items will be limited in quantity, limited in time for purchase, they will be unique, there will also be extremely difficult cosmetics to earn in game as well as unique cosmetics that look unique / better to varying degree. There are a LOT of cosmetics available in game because that is a very fun aspect of MMO play. That’s Roleplay.

[56:58] How are you planning to balance the 64 classes?

  • Jeffrey: With some Dice, let em fly
  • Steven: Roll it …. Some people will think that’s true.
  • Jeffrey: It’s not easy man. It’s a lot of different things to look at. We’ve tried to constrain ourselves with the augment system to kind of baseline power so it doesn’t get out of control, but it’s a lot of work, a lot of excel tables, a lot of playtesting.
  • Steven: We’ve said this in the past, our balance formula is around group vs group, not 1v1, we have a paper rock scissors balancing scenario, it’s understood that some classes will be the bane of others and visa versa. It’s going to be conditionally set for you and the encounter your experiencing, to determine your efficacy.
  • Jeffrey: The goal is to make sure that the mage ball doesn’t happen. Balanced parties are king.
  • Peter: If class distribution is relatively equal that’s fine.

[58:27] Will we have a crosshair for action combat? A reticle?

  • Jeffrey: It’s funny that you ask that
  • Steven: Very funny because currently
  • Jeffrey: We have a reticle
  • Steven: When we’re testing out the action combat
  • Jeffrey: We found out it was necessary for a lot of the stuff we were trying to do, you really need to know where your stuff is going.
  • Steven: One of the things we’re discussing with regards to when we take the action combat and bring it into the AoC combat as a balance between tab targeting and action, will we have a reticle hotkey that brings you into the reticle?
  • Jeffrey: It’ll probably be on a case by case basis in terms of what you have slotted. We want it to feel really smooth. We don’t want you to see a reticle at all if your doing tab targeting. We want it to be there when you need it.
  • Steven: Even giving the player the option to just play in reticle mode all the time if they want.
  • Jeffrey: The main thing is trying to make sure the stuff doesn’t get in the way while your playing and that it feels natural and good.

[59:52] Will it be easy to get lost in the AoC world?

  • Steven: Yes, it’s our goal from an exploration standpoint. Jeff is huge on wanderlust.
  • Jeffrey: I’m the guy that’s going to be out there wandering, I’m not going to be worrying about leveling up nodes, I just want to explore.

[60:27] Will it be possible to destroy the entire server?

  • Jeffrey: Like you trip over it?
  • Steven: Like Verra explodes. Server Reset. You beat the game.
  • Jeffrey: I’ve been arguing for this as something I want to do in an MMO, an MMO that actually has a win or loose condition. It’s something I want to build one day. But not this day.
  • Steven: That’s tough, because your like the little guy who’s working so hard to make it work, and now your floating in space
  • Jeffrey: Well you start over again and try to win next time

[62:07] Will you release a Pathfinder or DnD AoC campaign?

  • Steven: I think I might have mentioned in the past wanting to stream a DnD/Pathfinder session where I DM it for the other devs and it’s in the AoC world either before or after the fall or a mix. I’d love to get the communities feedback on this. If you think it’s a good or bad idea let me know. Part of being able to trickle out some lore instead of giving you the grand overview giving you the perspective of people in that story. Through a DnD or Pathfinder campaign with the devs. I thought it could be a cool idea to run that campaign and do a session every couple of weeks or so where I have all the devs go on a list of participating, if you die your out and have there be rewards and artifacts within the campaign where if a dev finds it, it’s like a real life reward like 1000$ bonus, I think that’d be cool. It might make it a little cutthroat. But at least it would be cool for the viewers to root on some devs. Let me know if you think that’s something we should do.

[65:15] Will there be different levels of Caravans?

  • Jeffrey: Yes
  • Steven: Not only are there levels of caravans, but there are also components to caravans that can be higher level, different strengths, greater power, different materials used to create them, different chassis, caravans are sort of like a character.
  • Jeffrey: You’ve got to build it the way you want to.

All of the flora, fauna (creatures), structures, sounds, and weather define the environment players will explore.