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Date November 17, 2017

This LiveStream covers alpha 0, website overhaul, mobile app, artwork, and community Q&A covering gear sets, role playing decorations and emotes, node locations, anti-cheat/RMT/exploiting, hunting grounds, max guild size, voice chat, and more!



Source: Google Doc


  1. A Lot of today will be QnA
    1. 3:09
    2. Getting ready for Alpha 0
    3. Want testers to give us good info, strengths / weaknesses
    4. First time game will be tested with more than 12 people
    5. Have about 1200 participants we are aiming for
    6. 3 day period players join
    7. Different time slots
      1. List you priority time slots fill in accordingly
    8. Test the backend, players in a single zone, key systems, node system.
  2. In the process of website overhaul
    1. 6:32
    2. Launched first stage landing page
      1. Not mobile friendly yet
      2. New video
    3. Launching within the next hour, Merchandise store
      1. Limited amount.
      2. Hats t-shirts
    4. New blog post - Building a city hall
      1. 2nd part of social building series
      2. City hall is the major focal point of every node, every city
        1. All major decisions made
        2. Where the powers that be influence the world, city, citizens
        3. Ability to create relationships, adversarial / alliance, this is where it’s done
          1. Trade agreements
          2. Treaties, mutual defense pacts
          3. Declare war
          4. Announce outlaws of other nodes
          5. Collecting taxes and where those taxes go to.
        4. Determines
          1. how the node grows
          2. How big it can grow
          3. What kind of cultures develop
          4. The leadership that manages it
        5. Our nodes have 4 separate types of governments that reflect nodes
          1. Military
          2. Economic
          3. Religious
          4. Scientific
        6. Each house own benefits and boons all are found at city hall
        7. Building those levers into a character page
          1. What your economy is doing
          2. What votes are schedules
          3. What your trade agreements are doing
          4. What your caravans are doing
        8. Give you a way to see what is going on if you can’t log in to mobile app
  3. Mobile app in works that lets you
    1. 11:05
    2. Crop rotation
    3. Kiosks
    4. Mayor duties
    5. Pay taxes
    6. Potentially go fishing
    7. Play tavern games - interface open in a tavern to play with others
    8. Not dependent on ingame presence, can participate while at work.
    9. This is not scope creep, was in the works before kickstarter.
    10. Also will see this with the website
    11. Other systems
      1. Account overview
        1. Packages, keys, testing phases, cosmetics you own
      2. Character page will be closer to live launch
      3. Looks like
      4. Achievements
      5. Can choose what you show, or what you don’t show
  4. Work in progress Images [1]
    1. 14:50
    2. Clothing - you will be wearing when you enter alpha 0.
      1. Will have to buy, craft, quest for new armor
    3. Py’rai Concept sketches
    4. Cat model floodplains
    5. Update on divine gateway entrance Empyrean ruin
    6. Level of ancient ruins
    7. Camp assets
      1. Sizes is 4km by 4km
    8. Easter eggs,
      1. may or may not be a pair of sandals
      2. may or may not give you a major boon or benefit,
      3. may need a utility skill to find them
      4. Dungeons
        1. 3 dungeons present in alpha 0
    9. As the nodes develop, the populations, change and adapt.
    10. Content becomes more difficult,
    11. Attracting different antagonists
    12. Texture mapping
    13. Nikua Concepts 4 classes
    14. Large mushroom forest
    15. Ranger model
    16. Ranger Trap

Concept Art Images


[21:12] Can we have the option to play the game with an controller (gamepad) ?

  1. Probably not out of the box, but there are ways you could probably map your own controller to do it but we’ve got lots of hotkeys, so getting all of those hotkeys mapped to a controller elegantly in a way that is actually functional would definitely be a challenge, but it’s doable. Unreal has joystick control out of the box so it’s not terribly difficult for us to integrate with that stuff. But again the games not really designed so you might have some trouble. That’s a design decision you have to make fairly early on in the process if your going to go with controller support or not. I’ll say this the thing controllers have going for them is U4 does have some out of the box hooks built in for that support.

[22:30] Will there be gear sets either by craft or dropped in dungeons that will either enhance or provide a different power to players when equipped? Also, will gear level with player level? Say you like a particular gear set but that gear set is only for level 20 and you level your character to level 50, is there a way to increase that gear set to your level?

  1. First, There will absolutely be gear sets. Sets that offer different bonuses depending on how many pieces of the set you have equipped. Additionally there will be specific passives that players can spec into to become more adept with certain set types. As well as potentially community based rewards for wearing certain set types based on the progression of that community. Say you have a uniform costume from the thieves guild by progressing far enough in it’s ranks that will give you a set bonus paired with certain set types while you are wearing it. The second part of that question, will gear level with player level - not the particular set, but there will be different tiers of sets as you level that apply to certain level tiers that you will gain access to as you level. Also, because we’re going to have cosmetic slots, you can sometimes take some of those appearances and use the appearance all the way up, if say you have a sword you like. I wonder if part of the concern there is breaking the set bonus. Say you get an awesome set bonus and you level up and want to keep the set bonus. I’ve seen games handle that in different ways. It’s something we’re talking about. Say you get a set bonus and you might be able to turn it into gems and you can take the gems and slot them into your upgraded equipment. That’s not a promised feature. If we need to there are ways to handle moving your set bonuses around. There’s also some power in leaving those set bonuses at certain levels, and if you want the level 30 version you have to go and get the level 30 version. It’s going to be easier to balance those set bonuses if their housed within certain tiers. With player customization for set bonuses, as designers you guys are cognizant that balance becomes an issue the more control players have over the ability to move those bonuses around. It becomes almost an infinite number of variations. It’s one of the great things about builds and one of the bad things about builds. You give players a lot of freedom, but at the same time you have to really stretch your brain to get your hand around the balance problem.

[25:27] Can you show us summoner archetype, or tell us anything about it?

  1. We can and we can. But that will likely be after I would say January-ish. When we begin our in depth look into the archetypes. Around that time we’re going to start releasing blogs that give some overviews of the archetypes. We have made the promise that we will be releasing our class list of 64 names before December 15th. We’re going to set the stage for how those combinations work. We’ll go in depth on each archetype and the summoner will be part of that come January and after.

[26:23] What are you preparing for "role play"? Usable decorations such as chairs and tables?

  1. Yes. Steven personally says he is not a big roleplayer but I enjoy roleplaying in MMOs and have done it in the past, and there may or may not be 1-4 recordings of it. One of the cool things I think, that I don’t want to describe as a timesink, but that is enjoyable and does take time is building out your home and freehold. Decorating it and making it yours. Not to mention because we’re allowing player owned establishments as well, there is going to be a lot of customization of building up taverns, just to get people attracted to it. You want to make the coolest looking tavern on the block. I’ve seen that if you give people tools like that they make amazing stuff. The more amazing tools we give you guys the more amazing stuff you’ll make that you want to show to your friends so they’ll play, and that’s what we want. It adds to the environment, even if you're not a roleplayer, that adds to your immersion. You take pride in your ownership.

[27:36] Will players be able to teach certain skills to others? (Star Wars Galaxies, for example)

  1. No, not skills - not the way I think you're thinking about them.

[28:05] Since this wasn't mentioned on last stream I would like to inquire again: Will alpha 0 be playable only in DirectX12 or perhaps in DX11 / DX9 as well?

  1. Not 9 for sure. DX11 Probably, and DX12 more likely. Keep in mind that A0 is in alpha so we haven't done a lot of optimization. There’s not a lot of options available. There’s a bit more restriction on what kind of machine will run it than at launch.

[28:50] How many players are you estimating being in alpha and beta testing? How many servers will be acquired by then? Reason being, a lot of alpha/beta games get bad rep due to excess server load…

  1. We don’t have any concerns with regards to server capacity. There is currently scheduled over 27,000 participants in Beta, and I believe we’re at just over 10,000 in the alphas. I expect that number to grow as we will be very soon launching our pre-order packages, which will include access to alphas and betas. We’ll try to get that number up, because for us it’s important that it’s as high as possible. Keep in mind this is something we’ll slowly open the gates too when we get to those points. There won’t be 10,000 people in alpha 1 on day one, but eventually over time we’ll get to that point.

[29:45] If you do drive-by heals or buffs and you are green and the person receiving the heals/buffs is not in combat but purple, will that turn you from green to purple??

  1. If you do anything that interacts with a purple player, whether it be buff heal or attack, anything that interacts with them form a skill standpoint, you yourself will be flagged for combat which is turning purple. The NPC will add you to your hate list if you heal someone that it hates. With regard to PvE the same logic applies. If you interact with someone in PvE as well you’ll be placed on the hate table as well if it’s an aid. Because at that point your choosing sides as well.

[30:36] Will you be giving the alpha 0 testers a guideline or checklist of what you'd like to be tested (Server load, Character creation, loggin in, questing bugs)? It would be good to know what you'd like us to focus on during the testing.

  1. Absolutely. One, we have a lot of tools on our end that we will be watching, but in addition there are specific things that we would like players who are participating in these alphas and betas to do to assist us in learning. We will be sending out an informative email that will let you guys know broad strokes what we are looking for. We may also come on server and talk to people individually or as a server to go try something. I think right now our schedule, which you’ll receive in an email, our schedule is friday, saturday, and sunday. We’re running four concurrent servers at two different time periods each day.

[31:29] There were some cool things in the earlier Kickstarter pre-alpha videos, such as Mage "levitation" ability Steven used to get over town walls. Also rogues/rangers having "parkour" was teased earlier as well. So here's the question: Given the absence of the Mage levitation ability in the PAX demo, are these movement related abilities something you still plan on implementing? And if they are, can a mage cast spells while in the air?

  1. What you saw in PAX is nowhere near scratching the surface of what will be available from a skill standpoint when it comes to archetypes and class creations. So I wouldn’t read into that at all. For us, we’re implementing skills that we want players to be able to use that are fun, and are indicative of the role that an archetype portrays and they are not what will be the end all be all of skill progression. It sort of matches up with what other players can do. The levitation ability is a problematic ability from a standpoint where everybody doesn’t have everything yet. Expect it to make a return sometime later, but not now. And not necessarily how it was seen where you can just fly with it. The levitation ability is more intended to be a glide so to speak. I believe the original interpretation that gave you a sort of mana shield so if you took damage during that time it would quickly eat your mana up and you needed the mana to actually levitate. So it’s not as OP as it looked.

Will we summon our mounts or need to pick them up from stables?

  1. 33:17
  2. Both. You’ll need them from animal husbandry / stables as an item and then you’ll utilize the item to summon the creature so to speak. And then you can desummon the creature as an item back to your inventory. You don’t want to have to go back to the stable when you go into a dungeon, and leave your horse outside the dungeon. Initially, you will need to claim the mount as an offspring so to speak from an animal husbandry profession which utilizes stable / husbandry stalls, or whatever.

[33:54] Will there be a way to turn of the blood and gore?

  1. Probably because there are some markets that are unfriendly for it. If we want to release in australia. What we need to do is have some way to turn it off. We could probably tag effects that are blood and gore and override those effects showing and maybe have an option for players to toggle that as well.

[34:29] Will there be modest set of gear right from the start and not found in the cash shop?

  1. Steven: I don’t know what that means, “modest” are we talking puritan modest? Modest? I don’t know what that means.

[34:44] Do you know when you will be adding new packs/bundles to the store and will the lifetime memberships be returning??

  1. Lifetime memberships will not be returning, but new packages, not packages, they will be preorder items that you can purchase that will give access to A1/A2/B1/B2 and then some other cosmetic stuff.

[35:20] Will player gear be lootable in open world pvp if killed?

  1. Only if that player is corrupt. Meaning if the player has killed other players and they’ve gained a corruption score which turns they’re name red. They’ll have the opportunity to drop items. Not just resources and gatherables but gear and weapons. The higher their corruption the greater the chance. Which means that not everyone, if you're in a consensual guild battle, that’s different from corruption. The corruption is only gained through the flagging system. The flagging system is only used in non-battleground, non-organized pvp. Meaning sieges on castles, sieges on nodes, caravans, guild wars, those types of things don’t utilize the flagging system. In those systems you are considered either an attacker or defender, which does not have any ramifications from a flagging standpoint.

[36:23] Will the nodes placement be completely the same in Alpha/Beta as launch or will it be switched up a little to keep exploration alive during the early phases of Release?

  1. Node placement in my opinion doesn’t affect exploration. Because exploration really has to do with discovering what’s in the world and nodes have a relationship with that yes because nodes will dictate how those things manifest in the world such as the poi’s having their own populations or having different monsters, stuff like that. But from a development standpoint we’re going to have node locations fairly set. Which they have to be. Otherwise we’d almost have to remake the game for launch. You wouldn’t like that. It’ll be different after A0. None of these locations will stay. Alpha 0 is an exception. The A0 process is a number of internal tests that we are inviting others to participate in that really stand separate from the A1 A2 and beta phases. Because this is a very controlled zone, not the world in general. Which A1 and A2 will see a broader, almost the entire world, if not a very broad portion of it, that is what we consider the “game” alpha. Not everything is going to be turned on in alpha and beta, There will be things that we will be blocking off that will be preventing you guys from kind of exploring the extent of just so we have some special things left for you when we launch. Also, I like there to be other reasons to explore out in the world besides just finding the static things in the worlds. Because all that stuff is going to be discovered really quickly. You're all going to fan out and find everything on day one. We want to put things out there that are dynamic so there's reasons to keep going out and exploring. Keep finding stuff that might not have been there yesterday, and might not be there tomorrow. We want other motivation for our exploration than just finding out where the nodes are.

[38:30] What precautions will be taken against cheating, exploiting, gold sellers, bots.. Fairly short questions but it’s for me and many others an important one since it breaks or makes an MMO.

  1. From day one, literally day one. A sad thing for me, not just from a corporate monetization standpoint of p2w, it was a sad experience in MMO gameplay when you as a player were forced to RMT in order to stay competitive with other players. That was a pervasive element of a lot of MMOs that I loved in the past. That was really in what I felt was a result of the company's inability to address those issues. Or putting it at the forefront of their design implementation. From day one, we have discussed and already implemented, and will be present in A0, we are testing those systems. Anti-cheating, Anti-botting, general review of player activity, that flags, for keeping an eye on what should be normal interactions from the players end. We’re working with some really cool people to make this happen. I have some really high hopes for the security side of things. It’s something we all came into, most of us have been in this industry for a while. We know what happens when those systems break down. It was important for us that from day one that those things where in place. Because you can’t put them in later. It doesn’t work that way. Once those tendrils are in it’s really tough to get them out. It’s funny, because when we were speaking with our partners on the security issue, they have expressed to us the horror stories of companies, including large ones, that did not take these parameters into account during the creation of the game and came in the final hour, saying we’re having this problem, can you fix it, and their response was it would have been a lot easier to fix this if it had been a thought on day one. So, that’s why it’s been a very important thought for us, all of our architecture all of our server architecture has this stuff in mind from day one, we don’t have to retrofit anything.

[40:47] Can Players interact with environment to dig Holes to hide small amounts of Loot ?

  1. No

[40:57] Are we able to form guilds from level 1 or do we have wait for a certain node level?

  1. I don’t know if I would tie guild creation to node progression. Even though a lot of systems are. I think generally you would probably find the ability to create guilds within the starting area location. Because community is an important aspect and central theme in our game. I don’t really see a need for us to gate that. There is some reason, you don’t want to have a million guilds on your server. You want to create some minimum bar for entry, like number of participants/players. There will be some check mark so everyone can’t on day one have their own guild of one player.

[42:50] Will Intrepid be hiring any positions that don't require programming/art experience? Maybe a customer service, sales, writing, or testing position? sandal stylist for Steven?

  1. Everybody needs a sandal stylist, we’re in southern california. Intrepid will be hiring positions that do not require programing/art experience. Customer service for example. We plan to have internal testing. As a matter of fact we’re moving studios, to a 20,000 sq ft studio, and we’ll be going through several hiring processes especially within the next couple of quarters. So if you have a certain set of expertise, and you’d like to throw your hat in the ring, feel free to keep an eye on our website for those announcements on hiring.

[43:47] Will I be able to decide the location of equipped weapons or items? Example: Having the quiver attaching to my side rather than on my back.

It’s hard. Probably not. That’s not to say we do not have specific joints on the character dedicated to accessory appearances. For example, I think on the belt we have a couple of sections dedicated that can be swapped out for scroll cases, potions, sheathes, whatever. There definitely will be some options, but everything everywhere can be tough, especially with the bigger meshes. Animation hates us when we request things like that. Putting a longsword on your back is probably not a big problem, putting a 2h sword on your hip is.

[44:42] Do we still have the ability to equip any weapon as any class, and have both positives and negatives to doing so? Such as, would I be able to be a mage/mage wield a greatsword? I'm just not sure if this is still being done or not.

  1. It is still being done.

[45:17] In the game info section you mention "hunting grounds" as a battle ground. What will be considered hunting grounds and how common will they be?

  1. Contextually, I believe he’s referring to in the open world as you go out to kill monsters, npcs, do other quests, whatever, that there will be battlegrounds there. When I refer to battlegrounds I’m referring to, I know I have a different definition for battlegrounds, I view a battleground as a place where there is some dynamic occurring that involves player versus player activity. That dynamic can be objective based or it could just be an all out brawl. So, I see a guild war being in a sense a battleground because I intend to put open world objectives for guild wars that players can participate in. There I can see the battlegrounds coming to fruition. I see a castle sieges, node sieges, caravans, those are all what I see as the primary battleground systems in the open world. I know that can sometimes be an oxymoron, because sometimes people consider the battleground an antithesis of open world. It’s literally an instance you enter that is a battleground. Because my desire is to stay away from heavy instancing, I would like for the design we’ve come up with to illustrate open world activity from a battleground point of view. Keeping the same mechanics and objectives in place, but just having them in place in the open world. So, that’s kind of why I have a differing definition of battlegrounds.

[47:11] Can you save your "Decoration" ? So when your node gets razed. When you get a new freehold, you can "load up" and not have to redecorate.

  1. Yes. That’s a really important thing for us. That’s important because we intend there to be a degree of change that is happening in the world on a constant basis. We don’t want it to be a huge hassle for you. Especially because making your house look awesome can take a long time. There should be no reason you have to do that all over again. That’s just tedious at that point.

[47:45] In the future, is there a chance of seeing dogs in your office during streams? That would be the most beautiful thing ever.

  1. It’s funny, because at the new studio, we’re actually having a little dog park built, for us to bring dogs here. So, maybe there will be dogs.

[48:16] Even if we have to crowd fund it as a community, can we have an Ashes of Creation TV Commercial ft. Terry Crews on the superbowl?!

  1. I saw him say on the super bowl in discord, but he didn’t put it on the forum. Probably not. I mean No.

[49:35] Is there an ability to share a castle with an ally guild if you obtain one?

  1. While there will be some features that are capable of being shared with fellow citizens of a region and/or alliance, most features from a castles benefiting features will be housed solely to the guild that controls it. That’s going to typically be how castle benefits will be shared.

[50:14] Eta on A0 keys from Halloween event?

  1. Emails will go out for A0 within the first week of December, likely around the 7th. That’s when you will get alpha keys to submit in order to download the patcher/launcher. As well as the survey with regards to your prioritized time slots.

[50:47] Will there be public transportation between nodes or hunting grounds. Not fast travel, but scheduled departure times. For example a city bus or air ship. Call it Medium speed travel.

  1. We’ve talked about it before. It’s one of the benefits of the top tier science node. The answer there is yes, and it may be more prevalent than just metropolises. There may be different tiers of it. The metropolis is just the highest level of it.

[51:39] How was the Pizza?

  1. It was disgusting. It got eaten. The studio was fairly divided evenly about it. The people who were wrong and the people who are right. I think Bacon loves Pineapple on Ham. The panel unanimously voted earlier that it was disgusting.

[52:06] Do you have any new animations to show us? Tul’nar animations?

  1. We have a lot of new animations. We just got like 100 new animations today, but not Tul’nar animations.

[52:18] What about baseball hitting clerics?

  1. They’re still knocking them out of the park.

[52:26] Will we be able to bathe in Ashes?

  1. Like with an ash pad to get you clean? Will there be bathtubs? Potentially. It could be a house cosmetic. You get to lay in the bathtub, you activate it, your player appears in the bathtub, with just your head showing, with the water covering everything, very soapy water. Stretch goal.

[53:01] Will there be interactive RP emotes such as hugging?

  1. Yes, there will. There will be agreed upon emotes that you can initiate with other characters like a dance that you do together, or a hug, or things along those lines. Maybe.

[53:28] When can we buy PAX swag?

  1. In the next hour, it’s not necessarily PAX swag, it’s just swag.

[53:38] Will we see duck like animals or creatures in Ashes?

  1. Yeah, just be careful, it could be a Fangler and it could eat you. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it might be a Fangler.

[54:00] What is your favorite color and color of your eyes

  1. Steven, Color:Blue Eyes:Brown
  2. Jeff, Color:Green Eyes:Blue
  3. Akil, Color:Green Eyes:Brown

[54:22] What happened to Peter?

  1. I was going to say something I was glad I didn’t it almost came out. Peter is hard at work. Hard at work. Peter say hi! “Hello” Peter says “Hello” in case you didn’t hear him.

[54:42] Are there going to be any size limitations on guilds? Will a 2,000 player guild be possible?

  1. No, a 2,000 player guild will not be possible. Yes, there will be size limitations on guilds. That is something that we will test. But we have an idea.

[55:00] May we have a list of Archetypes?

  1. There is currently a list. Someone could get that for you if you pose that question in the community help desk area. That would be Ranger, Tank, Fighter, Rogue, Mage, Bard, Cleric, Summoner. There you go.

[55:24] What is the Node stage advancement mechanic? Does it kick everyone out and load to the next stage?

  1. In A0 it does not kick everyone out. If you are intersecting with collision somewhere it will move you to a safe area nearby. Expect that to get more and more polished as time goes on.

[55:51] Will set items be the best end game gear, or will there be viable item builds with non-set items.

  1. There will absolutely be viable non-set item builds. Because sets are a give and take, to focus in on a specific role that a character is aiming for. Oftentimes in different games, they’ll have things like casting speed, attack speed, percentage bonus to health, overall power and damage, evasion modifier, crit modifier, those are examples that a lot of games use, but the give and take here is where we give set bonuses, it may take from the core stat bonus from the set itself. So, for something hyper specialized, it might be really appropriate. For something that’s more of a hybrid, it might not be. So a lot of it is about your build. And what you're building toward. One set is really good for one build, might be totally inappropriate for another. It’s also going to vary with what you have access to. If you get this awesome piece of artifact armor, you're probably going to want to break the set bonus for it, no matter how good the bonus is.

[57:30] Voice Chat confirmed?

  1. Voice Chat is confirmed.

[57:41] Where do I get a key? I’m trying to be an exclusive AoC streamer, my dudes.

  1. Register on the website, participate in our events, and we have some keys we give out to A0 as an invitation.

[58:05] Will raids require gatherers to take full advantage of resources available in raid?

  1. Steven: I don’t quite understand
  2. Akil: It’s probably like you kill the big boss and you have to skin him
  3. Steven: Oh, I see what your saying like a spoil master or something. No there’s not spoiling so to speak in regards to a gatherer being able to take from a corpse. Gathering is more restrictive to the resources found in the environment
  4. Jeff: but with that being said, while you're in a raid/dungeon environment there will be resources.
  5. Steven: I remember one game I played, they had a masteur class which had a spoil ability that they got to cast on a monster and that would give the opportunity for him to receive something from the corpse, and that’s what I figured he might have been asking.


  1. In crunch mode for Alpha 0, very excited
  2. See new stuff coming out, and to fruition
  3. Thanks for the support
  4. Thanks see you next stream.


  1. Concept_Art#11.2F18.2F17_Livestream_Art

All of the flora, fauna (creatures), structures, sounds, and weather define the environment players will explore.