Ashes of Creation Livestream 2017-10-16

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Notes [1]


  1. Halloween events
    1. 4:37
    2. Submissions accepted today until the 30th
    3. Winners announced at the next livestream.
    4. Alpha 0 keys for winners.
    5. 4 Events
      1. Costume Ball.
        1. Funniest
        2. Scariest
        3. Best overall
      2. Best Story.
      3. Fan art
      4. Pumpkin Carving
    6. See Forum post for the rules
  2. Devs participating in Extra Life gaming for charity November 4th
    1. 8:40
    2. Jeffrey Bard - Battle chasers
    3. Joshua - 24hrs with Peter - Bloodborne / Cuphead
    4. Steven - 24- Civ, Divinity 2, Starcraft
    5. Broome - company of heroes
    6. Alex Khudoliy - civ , divinity 2
    7. Keith kovach - Rocket league
    8. Snodgrass - Rocket league
    9. Sam- massive effect andromena
    10. On the official Twitch channel w/ links to everyones streams
  3. Official Images - WIP’s
    1. 11:34
    2. Portion of the level, with river (several pictures)
    3. 4km x 4km area
    4. 60 distinct stat blocks
    5. Some Empyrean watch towers.
    6. 3 nodes only one can advance to stage 3
    7. A house Empyrean
    8. Military Barracks
    9. Church
    10. Empyrean village stage assets.
    11. Medium armor for Alpha 0
    12. Early T1 Heavy armor
    13. Ruins capital city of Empyreans
    14. Empyrean portal
    15. Screen of Tank
    16. 3 Dungeons for Alpha 0 - pics
  4. Skill progression system.
    1. 19:35
    2. As you level you earn points
      1. you allocate points into certain skills
      2. Or you Can put them into upgrading skills abilities.
    3. These skills will change., changed a bit from PAX
    4. These skills don’t fit in progression as it will be in at the end.
    5. Before alpha 0 will release the full list of 64 class names.
  5. Tank Archetype.
    1. 21:55
    2. Taunt - Single target that adds hate,
      1. First upgrade - Forced target lock
      2. More points to unlock Second - more hate per tick
    3. Wall - Summons a wall with a stun
      1. Adds damage to the knockdown
      2. You may now place the wall where you wish within a certain distance
    4. Lasso - pulls the target to the tank and does damage
      1. Adds a stun when they reach the caster.
      2. Adds damage over time.
    5. Bash - Single target knockdown or stun
      1. Changes to a frontal cone attack.
      2. Increases block chance for a duration after a success, determined by number of targets hit.
    6. Cover - redirects x percentage of damage to the caster.
      1. Increases damage redirected.
      2. Gives the target damage reduction buff during the duration, beneficial to both. Caster receives the mitigated damage.
    7. AoE Lasso - pulls targets in a cone and does damage
      1. Adds target lock and hate to all in cone
      2. Increases Arc radius to 360
  6. Added skills for Tank
    1. 25:11
    2. Ultimate defense skill - increases your physical and magical defenses as well as immobilizes you or slows you down
      1. Receives increased healing from outside sources while active.
      2. Breaks crowd control on cast and grants invulnerability to crowd control
      3. Ultimate ability that uses focus to drive it
    3. Crowd control break - breaks non animated knockdown crowd control effects
      1. Increases resistances to crowd control effects
      2. Gain focus for each cc effect that is cleared through this use.
      3. Root snare stun are all cc
    4. Rush Skill - Charge to a single target on the battlefield, friend or enemy, do damage to enemy targets upon reaching them.
      1. Additional physical and magical mitigation upon reaching the target for a short duration
      2. Does damage and knocks down enemies between caster and target.
    5. Absorb Bubble - absorbs a fixed amount of damage and does that damage to nearby targets upon expiration
      1. Increases the duration of the buff
      2. Thorn damage while effective , dealing damage back.
    6. Shield Throw - single target throws a shield , adds hate
      1. Changes to cone attack
      2. Adds stun to the first target hit.
    7. Melee strike skill - does damage and adds hate
      1. Damage over time and hate over time.
      2. Turns into a cone effect
    8. Block passive - increases your block percentage by X
      1. Further increases block
      2. Chance to deal weapon damage on a successful block.
    9. Heavy Armor passives - Increases armor given by heavy armor
      1. Further Increases armor given by heavy armor
      2. Each piece added gives a health percentage bonus to the tank.
  7. You choose what skills you take.
    1. 29:57
    2. Number of skill points spent in a certain way before certain skills get unlocked
    3. Can choose to go wide, or specific.
    4. Customizable to the character whether tab target or action.
    5. Making balance between risk and reward
    6. making it fluid between them.
  8. Cleric Skills
    1. 31:42
    2. Heal ability - spot heal
      1. Spot heal plus Heal over time
      2. Spot heal plus damage over time to adjacent enemies
    3. Totem - AoE that you place that ticks damage in range of the AoE
      1. Spreads damage done to allies in range as a heal
      2. Slow movement on enemies in AoE range of totem always on for enemies in range.
    4. Balance skill - group life percentage
      1. Reduce cooldown
      2. Heal over time on everyone
    5. Chain heal - Chain heal to friendly targets
      1. Add damage to enemy in range of final group member healed
      2. Heal amount and damage increases based on the number of allies that will be hit by the ability.
    6. Resurrection ability - upon use resurrect target, if they are dead. Prevents death if they are alive. Resurrect is not at 100 percent but at a mitigated percentage.
      1. Increases the duration of death prevention buff (immunity to death)
      2. Resurrects target to 100 percent hit points and mana points
    7. Divine form - pulse AoE and damage around caster
      1. Reduces hate for the caster on enemies hit by the pulse, or lose target
      2. Increases effectiveness of heals while cast in this form
  9. New skills for cleric
    1. 34:57
    2. Proximity chain stun - Chains enemies to a center point if enemies leave proximity to the point the chain breaks and they are stunned, the chain is only applied when the ability is cast.
      1. Enemies chained take extra damage from all incoming sources
      2. Allies in range when chain is cast gain extra health from heals
    3. Banish - teleport target a distance away from the caster
      1. Decrease hate from enemies and increase the distance, if the target is currently targeting the caster , target will clear
      2. Snare to enemies that are banished.
    4. Soul paralysis - channeled lockdown of a single target - enemy both held in place
      1. Increased disabled defense while channeling, increasing your resistance of being disabled
      2. Caster takes reduced damage while channeling
    5. Life bolt - deal damage to enemy based on the casters missing health.
      1. Is an AoE on impact.
      2. Slows enemies hit by blast.
    6. Mana Well - gain x mana per pulse, x must be percentage based or weapon damage.
      1. Bonus health per pulse
      2. Allies in well get magical and physical defensive buff
    7. Medium armor passive. - increasing armor by medium armor
      1. Further Increases armor given by armor
      2. If medium armor worn in all slots give a balance of health and mana
    8. Mana pool passive - increase mana pool
      1. Further increase mana pool
      2. Every x cast is free
  10. Mage
    1. 38:39
    2. Fireball- single target
      1. Burn
      2. Aoe around target hit
    3. Ice prison - Stops target movement
      1. adds DOT
      2. Snares after root breaks
    4. Lightning- line template AOE
      1. Adds damage over time to those hit
      2. Chains to nearby enemies
    5. Blink-teleport out of danger
      1. Clears targets and aggro
      2. Clears crowd control
    6. Mirror image-evasion buff
      1. Increased duration
      2. Increase damage while buff is active
    7. Earthquake-damage in AOE line template
      1. Adds knockdown
      2. Reduces focus cost and cooldown
  11. New skills for mage
    1. 40:22
    2. Mage's private sanctum - target is removed to different plane
      1. Banished target gets extra mana while banished
      2. Reduces cooldown
    3. Portal - create a portal under Caster, exit portal determined by caster, portal will only work for a certain number of players
      1. Increases range
      2. Using portal reduces threat and clears targets
    4. Ice Sheet- creates area where enemies are knocked down
      1. Snares targets in area
      2. Increases size and duration
    5. Black Hole-pulls all enemies to spot picked by caster after a short delay
      1. Snares targets after pull
      2. Black hole explodes at the end of the pull duration dealing damage
    6. Beam - Channels beam attack to a single target
      1. DOT after channel
      2. Damages enemies between caster and target
    7. Tentacles - creates an AoE around the caster that roots enemies
      1. Adds Damage over time
      2. Increases duration
    8. Robe Passives-Increasing armor by cloth
      1. Further increasing armor
      2. Bonus mana for for each piece of cloth
    9. Elemental passives -Increases elemental damage
      1. Further Increases elemental damage
      2. The more the mage changes the element type the more damage is done
  12. Ranger
    1. 44:09
    2. Powershot - doing all damage to targets in a line template
      1. Adds bleed damage
      2. Splits into a fan of arrows, cone, damage increased based on hold duration
    3. Foot pin-roots target
      1. Adds bleed
      2. Snares after root expires
    4. Marked shot-reduces physical damage reduction
      1. Reduces magical damage reduction
      2. Increases duration
    5. Retreating shot-roll backwards and does damage
      1. Increases max range
      2. Breaks CC
    6. Prepared shot-prepares 2 arrows combo attacks do more damage
      1. 4 arrows
      2. Works on all arrow shots
    7. Rain of arrows
      1. Add movement slow
      2. Add damage of time in area.
  13. New skills Ranger
    1. 45:52
    2. Jump - dash
      1. Cooldown replaced by charges with individual cooldown.
      2. Drop a bear trap in the location that you leave.
    3. Sprint-increases movement speed and prevents activation of abilities, using an ability ends sprint
      1. Increased resistance to disabled abilities
      2. Clears CC when sprint starts and removes silence
    4. Knockback shot- knocks back target x distance
      1. Add damage
      2. Knockdown
    5. Flame line-shoots an arrow leaving a trail of flames
      1. Arrow explodes on end of distance
      2. Targets take burning damage over time.
    6. Slice- cone melee attack
      1. 360 degree attack
      2. Hemorrhage damage
    7. Trap -places trap under target holds targets in place and does damage
      1. Trap stun instead of root.
      2. Two trap stacks.
    8. Light armor passives- Increases armor from light armor
      1. Further increases armor given by light armor
      2. Each piece of light armor increases damage
    9. Ranged passive. - Reduces minimum range of all abilities
      1. Increases max range of all abilities
      2. Increases crit chance (has cooldown)
  14. Would like to get an arena in place for the Alpha 0 .. is a stretch goal
    1. 49:00
    2. Party size is 6 people


[49:58] If a node 1 levels up, and takes node 2 under its zone of influence, will the exp progress on the node 2 freeze where it was in moment of takeover or degrade to 0?

  1. Can keep earning experience, just can’t level past the parent node level.
  2. A node at stage 4 can have a child node at stage 3 and that node can have a child at stage 2, etc.
  3. When the baby node reaches its max experience it will start feeding excess experience to the parent node.

[53:57] We've heard plenty all the races, we also heard about 4 portals, one for each race, which represent a starting area. Will the tulnar choose from them, or have their own starting zone? If its their own, will it be in the underdark? Also, to dig deeper on those 4 portals, will those be somewhat close, or in the corners of the maps?

  1. There will be distance between them.
  2. The tulnar will have it’s own starting area, which doesn’t revolve around a portal.
  3. You will still be able to choose to start with the tulnar.

[55:41] Are we going to be using a skill tree system or is the primary/secondary class (and weapon) combination system going to be our source for build variations? In other words, will there be much diversity within our chosen class combination?

  1. Yes, there will be a lot of choice.
  2. Will still be in a container, but that container will have several variations.

[56:42] Are there are any plans to upgrade/enhance/expand freehold housing? I find this type of housing the most interesting at the moment, as it provides you with your own piece of land which you can harvest crop, process materials, craft items from self build land and buildings.

  1. Yes, you’ll make choices about: where you place, what buildings, adjacency bonuses.
  2. Very indepth system. A mini sim city.
  3. Relates to other systems : Crafting, spawn actors, quests. Taxes. Node system.

[58:25] Since you are only allowed to have 1 of each housing type. I started to wonder how big are these freehold plots, and are there any plans on maybe somehow expanding them? and if not expanding are there maybe plans to put an "upgrade" system in place which would allow for bigger yields of crops planted or higher proc changes in processing or crafting?

  1. Freehold plots are quite sizeable.
  2. About a ½ acre

[59:23] If you are able to sell from a stall could you still be PvP'd or robbed?

  1. You won’t be attacked within a city , if you have a stall up.
  2. In a siege, during the declaration period that stall will not be renewed, still working that out.

[1:00:39] How much of an impact will the archetypes secondary attributes have on skills? More specific - What changes about a skill once a secondary class is applied beyond an additional effect, will there be cooldown or cast time modifiers, range or area of effect differences, etc.?

  1. Yes
  2. Augments are going to relate to the core ideal of that secondary class.
    1. Tank - about control , survive
    2. Mage damage , elements, aoe’s
    3. Rogue - stealth , critical damage.
  3. General functionality of a skill


  1. Look to forums for details about the halloween events. Chance for alpha0 keys
  2. Nov 4th charity drive, people that donate also get into a raffle for alpha 0 keys
  3. Next stream Oct 31th.