Arcane Volley

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Alpha-2 updated Arcane Volley ability.[1]

This is a single target arcane spell. Unlike the other ones we've shown you, this doesn't have any particular element associated with it; and it might look a little underwhelming at first. But, you can use this pretty quickly: it's on a two charge cooldown and there is a particular synergy that we all like to use with it. If you haven't figured it out, it's how it's synergizes with the Shocked status effect. The shocked status basically says, 'with each hit it triggers additional damage' and Arcane volley is a perfect candidate for that synergy.[2]Keenan Reimer

Arcane Volley (Active).png

Alpha-2 Mage skill:

Base skill
Fires a volley of 7 arcane missiles at your target, dealing (35%🢆) arcane damage each.[3][5]

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