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Alpha-1 alpha island starting area.[1]

There's been some significant lighting changes here in this area. There's been some work on the foliage, on the trees that are available, toned down some of the ruins, rearranged some of the tents and it's starting to look pretty good.[1]Steven Sharif

The Alpha-1 starting area was set in the ruins of a Pyrian divine gateway to the south of alpha island.[2]

Mobs at this location

NPCs at this location

Quests at this location

Quest Location Quest giver XP reward Steps
A New World Alpha-1 starting area Given by default 10 1
A Place Like No Other Alpha-1 starting area Sergeant Landry 1,700 2
Aiding the Order Alpha-1 starting area Jhal 350 2
Arrows to the Corporal Alpha-1 starting area Lieutenant Griori 10 3
Becoming Skilled Alpha-1 starting area Lieutenant Griori 10 2
Cave Survey Alpha-1 starting area Corporal Cuhlum 4,000 4
Crafting a Sword Alpha-1 starting area Blacksmith 3,000 8
Crafting a Wand Alpha-1 starting area Blacksmith 3,000 8
Finding a Foothold Alpha-1 starting area Given by default 65 3
Gather Nightbloom Alpha-1 starting area Eswyn 4,000 6
Hidden Inferno Alpha-1 starting area Lieutenant Griori 18,600 10
Honoring Ancestors Alpha-1 starting area Attendant Wynden 3,000 3
Lesson One: Zoology Alpha-1 starting area Scholar Rhea 2,400 7
Lesson Two: Botany Alpha-1 starting area Scholar Rhea 2,400 5
Magical Ice Alpha-1 starting area Olexia Fobrasna 18,600 4
Meet the Headmaster Alpha-1 starting area Lieutenant Griori 1,700 1
Prepare to Craft Alpha-1 starting area Blacksmith 10 2
Seeping Poison Alpha-1 starting area Headmaster Varus 18,600 3
Talking Shop Alpha-1 starting area Merchant 10 2
Task: Perimeter Patrols Alpha-1 starting area Lieutenant Griori 1,700 4
Task: Predator or Prey? Alpha-1 starting area Lieutenant Griori 1,700 2
The Apparition Alpha-1 starting area Location based 18,600 10
The Final Lesson Alpha-1 starting area Scholar Lodi 3,000 9
The Warrior's Prayer Alpha-1 starting area Attendant Wynden 3,000 5

Dungeons at this location

Alpha island

Map of Alpha-1 testing zone.[3][4] Image credit: Axiom: Angelcry

The Alpha One map including nodes, dungeons, quest givers, POI, teleporters, and camps will be explorable! Note that this is only a small portion of the world of Verra.[5]

Alpha-1 testing tropical zone featuring a war beast and a tribe of pigmy goblins.[6]

This is a rather large tropical area; and what we use some of the creatures for is establishing character for different parts of this tropical place. So that even though it's the same biome, it feels different when you are going from place to place based on what's there and how those things are interacting with the environment.[7]Jeffrey Bard

Alpha-1 testing took place in a zone to the north west of the world map.[8] This zone has many islands and a mainland area.[9]

Divine gateways

Empyrean divine gateway concept art.

When you play the MMORPG you're going to be stepping through what are called these divine gateways from a planet called Sanctus and Sanctus was really a safe haven that was forethought by the Goddess of Fate and Creation as a sanctuary to provide the people of Verra who could survive the fall, the apocalypse, the exodus essentially.[19]Steven Sharif

Divine gateways are portals located in the ruined cities of the four ancient races of Verra.[20]

Where players start, they enter this portal from another world called Sanctus. Sanctus is a place of no magic, low technology; and players are the first expeditioners that are coming through this portal into the world of Verra.[27]Jeffrey Bard

World map

Updated Ashes of Creation map.[28][29]

The new world map in all its 1,200 square kilometer glory. So you're gonna see some names here- a little bit of a reveal of some of these locations in these areas- and you're also of course seeing similar biomes that are present as well. But more importantly what you are seeing is the orientation of these continents and these islands that are facilitating specific types of inter-continental trade gameplay; and they support the relevance of these caravans moving across the land mass to locations that will now incorporate these harbor areas, which aren't identified on the map here... But the important part was providing a lot of coastal naval gameplay between these zones and trade routes between land base.[29]Steven Sharif

Alpha-2 work-in-progress map UI.[30]

The world of Verra features an in-game viewable world map. This map is not randomly generated, and begins covered in a fog of war.[31] Players will not be able to see the world until they have explored it or gathered information about it. The world is also full of imperfect information, which will require the player to act on it for verification.[32]

For example, you may hear a rumor in a tavern that tells you the location of a cave full of weak Kobolds, but this was not accurate as the rumor was started by well-equipped bandits in order to waylay overconfident adventurers.[32]
  • Not every server will share the same map, as player decisions will vary between servers.[38][39][34]
Even though we're an open-world that doesn't mean that from a design perspective, especially with the way our economic systems work, that we will want to create Geographic choke points.[41]Steven Sharif
info-orange.pngSome of the following information has not been recently confirmed by the developers and may not be on the current development roadmap.


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