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Academic node building.[1]

Academies are institutions of learning that greatly contribute to the future prosperity of a bustling population center. Their design, in general, is imminently practical, featuring classrooms, libraries, and lecture halls, as well as workrooms and laboratories where the practical application of acquired skills and abilities can be trained and tested. [2][3]

At Metropolis (stage 6) the Academic node’s unique building becomes the Academy. In addition to the abilities that the Library, College, and University offers, the Academy adds the following new services, including (but not limited to):[1]

info-orange.pngSome of the following information has not been recently confirmed by the developers and may not be on the current development roadmap.

Academic nodes

Alpha-2 Kaelar Academic node architecture.[4]

A great Verran philosopher once stated, "To know the Gods, we must first know ourselves. Science is our looking glass." On Verra, the Essence flows through the fabric of the world. Each location focuses the Essence in different ways, allowing for interactions with the Essence that yield a variety of results. Nodes exist near these locations in the world that focus the Essence, and one such focus is that of the Scientific Node Type. Those who seek knowledge, technological advancement, and want to understand why the world is the way it is will find the Scientific Node is for them. In these Nodes, you’ll find sprawling questlines and rewards for crafters, gatherers, and those who seek the highest reaches of Artisan knowledge.[1]

Academic nodes (also referred to as Scientific nodes)[5] are focused on artisan classes and construction.[6]

Upon first glance at a Scientific Node, players will find Scholars on an Expedition out in the wilderness, requesting aid in finding alchemical or natural reagents. If you should choose to help them, you may progress a Scientific Node beyond a lowly Expedition into something magnificent.[1]
Specialization in Artisanship and Construction mechanics are granted through many of the NPC merchants and through the ancillary quest points within the Scientific Node Type. This will unlock abilities within many professions and allow specialization in the Gathering, Processing, and Crafting aspects of the Artisan system.[1]

Academic node benefits

Academic nodes that have reached Metropolis (stage 6) unlock teleportation within their vassal network, which can extend across seas, and also include islands.[8][9][10]

  • If there are multiple scientific metropolises, then an airship will provide faster travel between those scientific metropolises for citizens of those nodes and their vassal nodes, so long as the metropolises are not at war.[1]
  • Previously this was stated to be limited to citizens of metropolis academic nodes regardless of the stage of the vassal node, so long as the vassal node is not at war.[1]
This will allow Citizens and Vassals of Scientific Metropolises to do things more quickly than others, as fast travel is limited in the world of Ashes of Creation. They’ll be able to exchange goods and information with ease and get to locations in the world at a quicker speed in order to gather crafting materials to create recipes, as well as participate in limited-time events.[1]

Unique node buildings

Each node type has a unique service building associated with it that can be activated at Village (stage 3) of node advancement.[12] The unique building plays a central role in the progress of civilization for a server.[13]


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