2018-08-07 Newsletter

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Development Update, Last Call for Alpha One Sales, and Live Stream/Panel Info Below!

Glorious Ashes Community,

This summer so far has seen some incredible progress for the advancement of Ashes of Creation, as well as, the growth of Intrepid Studios. We have some announcements planned for our PAX Panel on September 1st, at 10:30AM PDT, which we will be broadcasting live from our Twitch, and the PAX official Twitch feed.

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We will also be showing off some action combat in our next Live Stream, scheduled for August 17th, at 2PM PDT on our Twitch.

Last month we showed off a video of some new environments, which you can find below. The world of Verra awaits.

Intrepid's Growth Continues

As we begin to ramp up for our upcoming Alphas and Betas, last month the studios officially passed 100 developers on the project. You can check out this recent article below on our new hires, and beginning this month we will be announcing 21 new positions at Intrepid Studios.

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Mounts, VFX and Statues OH MY!

A lot of work goes into creating a world as massive as Ashes! Check out some of the awesome concepting on mounts and the subtle genetic variations you will be able to breed through your Animal husbandry profession.


A glimpse of the powers you will harness in Ashes. Wonders of the elements, radiance of light and the darkness of corruption.

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Verra is a world rich with history and lore waiting to be discovered. Across the vast lands that await you, giants of the fallen civilizations that came before, remain.

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Housing Development

Furniture and housing work has begun for those of us who enjoy the decorative process of creating our own homes in game. Below you will find a small taste of artwork around the development of these custom pieces of craftable home decor.

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Final Alpha One Sales

We currently have over 8,500 participants for our Alpha One testing phases. We announced last month, that we will be closing the sales to Alpha One, in order to keep this number below 10,000 testers.

Our Alpha One is split up into two testing phases.

Phase One of Alpha One, which will be accessible next month, will be focusing on the action side of combat, and will include modes of; Open World Battlegrounds, Castle sieges and City Defense "Horde Mode". This phase is designed to test the mechanics of our action side of combat, as well as, our castle siege systems, and adaptive AI mechanics in the Ashes of Creation Apocalypse horde mode. We will be detailing this phase further in our next stream and at our Panel.

Phase Two of Alpha One, which will be accessible near the beginning of 2nd Quarter 2019, will feature our Hybrid Combat testing of Action/Tab skills that players will be able to customize through their class skill tree. In addition, this phase will include;

Phase Two of Alpha One is the more traditional Alpha Testing for an MMORPG, and will have 2 World Servers available. Name Reservations for Alpha One participants will begin during Phase Two. Announcements of the Server Names will be made at PAX Prime, during our panel.

The last day for Alpha One packages ends on Wednesday, August 15th. The new cosmetics for August will be updated on Wednesday, August 15th.

The cosmetics below will not be available after August 15th.
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The Ashes of Creation store offers 4 unique and limited packages, which grant access to our Alpha and Beta phases. Each month these packages will change, offering a limited time cosmetic set. If you own a previous month's package or are a Kickstarter or summer backer, you are able to add the cosmetics found in our monthly pre-order packages as add-ons. The cosmetics in the packages below are limited and will not be available again for purchase after they are changed!

Everyone here at Intrepid is committed to creating the MMORPG of your dreams, and we are hard at work building Ashes. We cannot thank you all enough for the passion and support you have shown this project. We have a long road ahead of us, and we will continue to keep you updated with the progress of our development. With love from everyone at Intrepid, Thank you!

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