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  • Mounts can be named[1]
  • Different mounts will have different speeds[2]
  • Mounts from boss drops age and die[3]
  • Some mounts will be purchasable from the real money market[4]
  • Every race has a unique mount that can also be found/tamed in the wild[5]
  • There will be quest and epic mounts[5]

Types of Mounts

  • Land Mounts
  • Flying Mounts (Dragons)
    • Dragons will be the only mounts with true flight[6]
    • Dragons will be restricted to Kings/Queens of Castles and Elected Mayors of Metropolis stage Nodes[6] and some timed eggs that may be rare drops/finds in the world[7]
    • Dragons will have a wide ranging impact in open world PvP[8]
    • Dragons will only be accessible to the owner as long as they meet the requirements of being lord/mayor[9]
    • Dragons will have battle abilities such as AOE breath weapons, swooping flyby attacks, and others[10]
  • Flying Mounts (Hover)
    • Winged mounts will fly, but only slightly above the ground[11]
  • Mules
    • Mules will assist in the transport of goods/resources/gatherables [12]
    • There will be different sizes of mules [13]
    • Some species of mules will be breedable by expert breeders [14]
  • Underwater Mounts
    • Tidesnapper Backer Exclusive Water mount [15]
  • Group Mounts
    • Group mounts will have the ability to carry multiple people[16]



Pax West 2017 Exclusive Ship Skin


  • Extra ships were unlocked with the $1.5mill goal.
  • There will be multiple classes of ships[17]
  • Can Be destroyed by Players / Monsters[18]
  • Customizable[19]

Transportation FAQ

Will there be autorun, ala BDO. [20]

  1. Waypoint system? Probably not.
    1. Wait, yes? Yes. Maybe. No answer yet.
    2. You will maybe be able to run to a town gate, hire a horsey that will run you to another nodes town gate.