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  • Combat will be a hybrid system that focuses on skill, composition, balance/counterbalance, and movement/positioning.[1]
  • Combat effectiveness drops as you gain corruption.[2]
  • All stats relate to your combat effectiveness in PvX.[3]
  • Players will chose their skill sets from their chosen archetype combination class. [4]

Keystroke System[5]

  • Precision system used in combat with weapons where you can combo your weapon skills.
  • Completed combos will build energy for your ultimate ability.
  • Tank Referenced here:
  1. Swings sword
  2. While sword is swinging hits they next key and shield bashes enemy
  3. While shield bash is occurring hits the final key and slams sword down into the target

Skill Trees[6]

  1. You level everything simultaneously.
  2. You will be able to spec deeper into one skill over the other.
  3. You will have skill trees you cannot have all the skills on.
  4. Players have a choice to be geared more towards tab targeting or action orientated combat.[7]


  • Augments modify how primary skills feel and act. For example as a Fighter primary you might have a rush skill and with Rogue secondary you get a stealth augment for the your charge.[8]
  • Some skills and functionality will only be part of primary skills. For example a cleric secondary might be able to heal himself but will not be able to be the primary healer in a raid.[9]
  • You can gain augments from different sources:[10]
  1. Secondary archetype
  2. Artisan class
  3. Religion
  4. Other community organizations[11] (e.g. Thieves guild)[12]
  5. Race [13]
  6. Race advancement
  7. Guild progress
  8. Narrative


Combat FAQ

Combat, I know you said it is 20% rough now [As of PAX West], where do you see it going, do you see it polished in 2018 for Alpha and Beta?

Steven: I believe we will see very close to complete combat state of polish at the end of 2018 [14]

As your are probably aware, combat is a core aspect to any MMO and in the past we’ve seen it can really make or break a game. Can you tell us about the combat system in AoC and your design principles behind it?[15]

  1. Huge part of the design philosophy, how to find the blend of character skill and player skill that results in the best game. Want to create a healthy balance of what players are capable of that includes strategy, skill, progression. Epic gear shouldn’t just shit on everyone else, if they aren’t skilled enough,
    1. Flat power curve.
  2. Hybrid action/tab targeting system. Positioning, dodge skills, i-frames, other action combat systems combined with tab targeting systems.
    1. Both systems have their faults, want to include the best of both systems.
  3. Not class based, all classes include this balance.

Is there going to be mounted combat? Can mounts be killed?[16]

  1. Mounts can be killed
  2. Mounts will have abilities that some mounts will have. Some might have combat applications.
  3. Won’t be able to use class skills while mounted.

How will mob tagging work? How will looting work? Combat? [17]

  1. No nailed down system on mob tagging
    1. Will release developer blogs on these specific mechanics
  2. Want to make sure the combat system is done well
    1. Most focus is on the combat system
    2. Apprehensive of showing unfinished gameplay because people jump to conclusions.
      1. There will be cooldowns
      2. Fast paced
      3. Skill will play an important role
      4. Positioning, kiting, battlefield control

[40:00] Will any spells require players to be stationary and will players be able to interrupt?[18]

  1. There will be skills that lock you down
  2. Some abilities will make you a bigger target
  3. There will chances to interrupt
  4. Some abilities are better than other at interrupting

[42:00] Do you intend to limit the number of spells you can learn or only those that can go on the bar?[19]

  1. No, you will not have a hundred spells on your bar.
  2. There is no a spellbook, no memorization

Will the area music change when you’re under attack?[20]

  1. Yes, 100%, battle declared = heavy percussion

Will there be some kind of RNG involved in damage / heal you provide and does position / damage from back more effective [21]

  1. Position will not be a factor
  2. RNG will come into play for critical hits
  3. Evasion


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